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Dr. Jonathan Levine’s Tips To Power Up Your Oral Care Routine?

Dr. Jonathan remains dedicated to caring for his patients, helping them create a beautiful smile, and providing them with the teaching necessary to maintain their oral health. Recently, he sat down to discuss the importance of proper oral health. He also revealed his top tip for powering up your mouth care routine.

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dr. oz Dental fillings options

Dr. Oz: Dental Cavities And Filling Options!

It can be quite a frustrating experience when you think you are doing everything right when it comes to caring for your teeth, only to be told at your annual dental appointment: You have a cavity. As heart breaking as those 4 words may sound, there is hope. It is now time to treat that [...]

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lose 10 pounds in two weeks

Dr. Oz: How To Lose Nine Pounds In 14 Days?!

Dr. Oz has revealed his “Two-week Rapid Weight loss Plan” to help you lose nine pound in two weeks!. Dr. Oz spent the past year researching the top-diets with the latest science to prepare this Two-week Rapid weight loss plan”. Dr. Oz tested the diet on his audience for two weeks and the results were [...]

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Dr. Oz Home remedies and natural healing

Natural Healing Through Most Effective Home Remedies

Home remedies and natural cures enhance effective treatment of a wide range of diseases. They help to nourish the body, boost the immune system and supply essential nutrients that the body lacked leading to a certain condition. You will find that they are made of herbs, rich in vitamins, essential oils, made from fruits, vegetables, teas or juices and are items that are naturally found.

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