10 Effective Ways to Treat Hair Loss

10 effective ways to treat hair lossHair loss Fact:

Many people are not aware of the fact that excessive hair loss may occur in women along with men and kids. As a result of changes in the body’s hormones, thyroid or digestion problems and gaining too much weight, Women may go through a based pattern baldness or a short-term hair loss. In case you are experiencing a hair loss that exceed the normal for a continued time period, you should Ask a dermatologist

Ways to Treat Hair loss:

1) You can slow your hair loss by keeping plenty of protein in your diet plan, A variety of meals such as chicken, fresh fish, nuts, beans and chicken eggs provide your body with the necessary protein and Thus provide your hair with keratin (the actual hair protein). By having enough amount of keratin, your hair will probably be much stronger, healthier and the hair loss will slowly be reduced.

2) Make sure you brush and wash your hair everyday, It’s obviously a regular thing to do however, by brushing your hair daily you will increase the flow of blood to your hair follicles and by increasing flow of blood,  the scalp cells will be more active and therefore improve hair growth.

3) There are actually certain types of hair shampoos you should buy to help in preventing hair loss so these would be a good solution to consider, these products won’t only enable you to re-grow your hair however they are also made to be soft and gentle on your scalp when washing your hair, One good and effective shampoo is called: ” Dr Ross’ BIOGEM Shampoo “. BIOGEM can stops hair loss, thickens your existing hair, and actually regrows hair.

4) Another good method to prevent the progress of hair loss for men is to take Procerin. When this medication is taken daily almost all men realize that their hair loss stops, Some other men even notice a hair regrowth and restoration. This kind of medication should be taken for lifetime because when a person stops using it, the pattern of hair loss may re-occur.

5) One of the minerals that you’ll need to apply in your diet plan is Iron. If you wish to have strong flexible hair, Make sure you eat some Pasta and cereal products on a regular basis to avoid an iron deficiency and build fortification for your hair scalp as this helps in protecting against hair loss.

6) Zinc is also a great mineral to consider since it will help you get rid of internal bacterias. This is important because you will need to reduce factors that are a factor in your hair loss so, for getting the optimal results attempt to eat meals that have high amount of zinc or take zinc supplements

7) Always Try to keep your own hair free and as loose as possible, it’s always recommended to free your hair from the tight hair-styles as these kind of tight hair styles like: ponytails, buns and braids can increase your hair loss with time.

8) IF you have health problems and feel sickness, you should take good care of your body by using the medication prescribed  by your doctor because if you don’t, your body will need to work much harder to repair itself to stay alive, thus your body will consume lots of its energy to help make you better and it won’t be able to get the energy used for keeping your hair follicles growing which results in hair loss.

9) There are several supplements you can take inorder to keep the quality of your own hair.  Vitamin-C is a great supplement to provide you with energy during the day, restore collagen to your hair and also for fighting against hair loss.

10) These days, the one good solution for hair loss which has been proven to be effective and is also FDA approved is topical minoxidil and its ingredient is found in products like Rogaine, it helps strengthen your hair growth.

Popular Hair loss Products:

Rogaine for Women

Rogaine For Men

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