Dr. Oz: 3 New Anti-aging Pills To Make You Look Younger!

dr oz anti-aging-pillsToday you can pop a pill if you want to look younger. No matter your age, there are three different options to choose from for people who have varying ages that they want to reverse the effects of time on. What might be the best part above all else is that the pills are not expensive. In a recent episode with Dermatologist Dr. Tess Mauricio, Dr. Oz learned more about these pills and just how wonderful these wonder-products can be.

Instead of visiting the doctor to get a shot or applying creams to the face, Dr. Mauricio suggests that there is a continuing push by those who want to take things that are going to make them healthier in a more natural way. Unlike with trips to the doctor or a face cream, pills are an internal method of delivery and they will affect the entire body. This means that your entire body will notice the effects of these anti-aging pills that make you look younger.

Dr. Oz: 3 Pills To Keep You Young From The Inside Out

1. Lipowheat For Dryer Skin

The first pill that people can take is called Lipowheat. This specific pill is ideal for those that have dry or itching skin (moisturizer in a pill). Lipowheat does a fantastic job of moisturizing your body from the inside out, which is helpful for older individuals who notice that their skin is getting more dry as they naturally age. Unlike a lotion that will get washed off, Lipowheat will last in the body and have better results throughout the day. Those that have taken Lipowheat have noticed fantastic results within just two weeks of taking this pill on a regular basis. (Take 350 mg of Lipowheat per day)

2. Hydrolysed Collagen To Slow Down The Aging Process

Collagen is needed for those that want to prevent wrinkling and slow down the aging process. As people get older, their body will naturally start to create less collagen. Luckily, taking a collagen supplement each day can help to rejuvenate and jump start that production. If you are in the age 30s, collagen can help you prevent wrinkles before they happen. If you are in 40s or 50s when you already have the fine lines, it can decrease the deep creases and fine lines.

Collagen is needed in the bones, skin, hair and throughout the rest of the body. By taking a supplement daily, people can get the intake that they need. (Dr. Tess recommends you look for Type 2 Hydrolysed collagen, take 2000 mg each morning on an empty stomach).

3. PLE Sunscreen Protection

PLE (Polypodium Leucotomos Extract) is a powerful pill that you can take that will protect your body from the sun and the damage that it can do on the skin cells (sunscreen in a pill). It’s estimated that about 60% of people don’t apply sunscreen properly, but taking PLE daily will ensure that you have the protection that you need every time that you step out into the sun. If you don’t want to take PLE all the time, then you can take it only during time that you are on vacation. Dr. Oz talked on this episode how skin cancer doesn’t just affect the outer part of the body, but it can also affect organs like the heart and lungs. In order to ensure that those organs are protected, PLE can be the miracle game changer that everyone has been looking for. (Take 1 dose of 240 mg, 20-30 minutes before sun).

It doesn’t take thousands of dollars in surgery or timely trips to the doctor. Instead, with these three pills, anyone can notice results that will make them look younger.

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