Dr. Oz’s Video: 3 Mistakes Women Make When Shaving Their Legs!

Dr. Oz and Dybele Fishman MD, Dermatologist reveal the top 3 mistakes that most women make when shaving their legs, Watch this video to learn how to avoid these mistakes and get ready to wear short shorts this summer.

Dr. Oz: Top Legs Shaving Mistakes

Mistake no.1: Shaving Your Legs First before Shower

That turned to be a mistake, Dr. Dybele recommend that you always shave after your skin gets wet and moistened, wait 5 minutes after you get into the shower then you can start shaving your legs, that makes shaving alot easier and safer for your skin.

Mistake no.2: Dry Shaving

Dr. Oz demonstrates in that video, how dry shaving can cause alot of hidden problems beneath the skin, if you don’t have time to get your skin wet for shaving, then the best option is to use a cream shave, it can also moisturize your legs. Cream shave can be found at drug stores or Online for as low as $7 here.

Mistake no.3: Shaving Upwards

Dr. Dybele said that when you are shaving upwards, you are much more likely to cut yourself and get razor burns, she recommends shaving downwards instead to avoid skin problems.

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