Dr. Oz: 3 Tips To Rapidly Melt Your Belly Fats

rapid melt belly fatsUnwanted fat in the belly or belly fat is one of the issues that most of us would like to address not only from the aesthetic standpoint but also as a health concern. Excess fat in our body, not only in the belly, can lead to serious health risks including heart disease and diabetes. Many factors due to the modern civilized lifestyle have been thought to play a role in accumulating excess fat deposition in belly as we age. These include sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise, dietary inadequacies and stress; but, how to get rid of it? We need a quick fix, some easy to follow tips that won’t force us to compromise on our lifestyle as a whole. Dr Oz tried to address this issue in his recent show and shared some tips that promise to melt the belly fat rapidly and easily.

He started the show on a funny note asking the audience to take ‘belfies’ (belly selfies) and showed them how his ‘instabelly melt’ can rapidly make the excess fat disappear from their so called ‘belfies’. That gesture instantly hooked the audience to the rest of his show. Who doesn’t want to reduce their belly fat and become slim? He talked about a few ingredients and supplements, and the specific ways to use them, that can improve fat melting capacity of our body leading to successful burning of the stored fat.

1. Starting Your Morning With A Forskolin Supplement

Forskolin‘ is a compound derived from a plant of the mint family. This compound has been found to increase lean muscle mass, bone mass and decrease weight by burning body fat. It has also been found to improve testosterone levels in obese men. Dr Oz recommends taking 125 milligrams of Forskolin supplement every morning before breakfast. The supplement can be obtained from any health food store but, must contain at least 10% Forskolin in it in order for it to be effective.

It is also important to understand the different kinds of belly fat and where they are stored. Subcutaneous fat, that which is stored beneath our skin is not as bad in terms of loosing it, however, visceral fat which lurks behind our belly muscles deep inside our viscera or body cavity is the hardest to get rid of.

Dr Oz asked the audience to undertake a simple test to figure out their nature of belly fat. He called it ‘belly fat poke test’. They were asked to firm up their belly muscle and poke their index finger hard into their bellies. If the finger won’t go in, the fat is in the viscera. If the finger goes in about a quarter to three-quarters of an inch, the fat is superficial or just under the skin. It is the excess visceral fat that is toxic and biologically active. This fat is hard to get rid of, mainly because it is fueled by components of foods that we eat. Dr Oz called those ‘carbage’ resembling garbage coming from junk carbohydrates like refined flour, sugar etc.

2. Control Hidden Fat With Blood Sugar Stabilizing Spices

How to get rid of these? Dr Oz recommends ‘blood sugar stabilizing spices’. These are commonly available spices like cayenne, turmeric, oregano, cinnamon etc. but are especially important owing to their ability to stabilize the blood sugar level thereby improving metabolism. Dr Oz recommends to incorporate half a teaspoon of any of these spices into every meal.

3. Green Tea Lemonade

Finally, we cannot rule out the beneficial effects of antioxidants to melt away belly fat. Cruising into the last part of his show, Dr Oz unveiled a surefire cocktail that can be used as a daily drink to harness its fat melting ability. He asked to combine green tea with lemon to prepare a green tea lemonade.

Green Tea Lemonade Recipe

  • 2 Cups of Green Tea
  • 1/2 Lemon, Squeezed
  • Drink Hot or Cold

The beneficial effect of green tea in reducing belly fat has been known through ages, however, to potentiate that effect, lemon could be the best co-activator. The antioxidants from green tea has been found to be six times more effective when combined with lemon juice. About half a lemon should go into two cups of green tea. Dr Oz particularly emphasized the seeping time of green tea to be not less than twenty minutes in order to get the required fat loss benefits. This drink can be used hot or cold, or with an occasional shot of vodka to make it more charming, he promised, that won’t compromise its fat melting potential.

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