Dr. Oz: The 4 Biggest Diet Lies That Keep You Fat!

People are believing lies that are keeping them fat. They will have a hard time losing weight if they continue to believe in following long held dieting misinformation. Dr. Oz explains the biggest 4 lies that keep people fat.

Diet Lie #1: Eating Small Frequent Meals Will Boost Your Metabolism

Many people believe that eating five small meals a day will speed up the metabolism! Dr. Oz explains that when people eat they store glycogen and use this energy up long before they reach the stored fat within their body. Glycogen is the sugar that is contained within a person’s liver. So when a person is constantly eating 5 or meals a day to speed up their metabolism they are not able to tap into their fat stores. This results in them keeping weight and not losing it.

Dr. Oz and Dr. Joel Fuhrman gave the studio audience and television viewers a visual demonstration about how this process works. They used a golf cart that had a barrier of fat in front of it and glycogen sign with a line to show how people typically are not able to break through the fat barrier if they are constantly eating five or more meals a day. Dr. Oz was driving the cart and he stopped it whenever he came close to the fat barrier. Once he stopped the cart he returned back to the glycogen sign. He performed this action to illustrate about the processes that are going on within a person’s body every time they eat a lot of foods.

Dr. Joel Fuhrman recommends eating no more than 3 meals per day, He said that 3 meals is usually good depending on how much activity you are doing. You need to expand the time between your meals, eating 3 big meals even with high calories will prevent you from feeling hungry between meals.

Diet Lie #2: Cook With Healthy Oils To Lose Weight

Dr. Oz goes on to explain that people should also beware of oils because none of them are as good they seem. This kind of puzzled Dr. Oz who had recommended the use of oils on his show. He points out that when a person eats foods that contain oils they immediately enter into the blood stream and then are stored as fat. Once this happens people will experience the same thing that they did with glycogen. Dr. Oz claims that eating nuts and seeds are better because the fats that are provided by these foods take a longer time to store in the body and many of them are eliminated from the body through a person’s waste material.

Diet Lie#3: You Must Exercise To Lose Weight

Another weight loss myth that is shot down by Dr. Joel Fuhrman states that people must exercise to lose weight. He says that people should exercise to gain muscle but not to lose weight. He claims that all the exercise in the world will not tap into fat reserves and cause people to lose weight. He goes on to say that people must change their diets in order to keep weight off over the long run. Dr. Fuhrman also wanted people to understand that exercise can help people to keep weight off over the long run as well.

Diet Lie#4: You Can Have One Cheat Day A Week

The last myth that is explored has to do with the notion that people should be allowed a cheat day while they are dieting. Dr. Fuhrman and Dr. Oz both do not agree with this notion because they claim that eating junk foods or foods that bring people pleasure are very addictive. In other words a dieter will more than likely ruin their diets whenever they have a cheat day. Dr. Fuhrman states that people should eat fruit to satisfy their sweets craving and that they should eat special deserts that are made out of certain types of fruits, nuts and vegetables. One treat that was presented to the audience was black bean brownies that featured black beans, coconut and cocoa powder. While many people really would have a hard time consuming black bean brownies, Dr. Oz thought the desert tasted good. He said that it did not have a real sugary taste.

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