5 Small Changes Can Make You Live Longer

Dr. Oz’s Super-Longevity Prescription

Dr. Oz's Super Longevity Prescription - Longevity Tifecta

According to Dr. Oz, making five small changes in your every day habits can prolong your life. Compared to people in other developed countries around the world, Americans are actually dying younger. Based on new studies from the world’s leading medical centers, Dr. Oz has come up with simple ways to live longer. For those who haven’t lived a healthy lifestyle, it only takes six weeks of a new health-regimen to start changing your expectancy curve. Dr. Oz makes reference to something called the “Longevity Trifecta“, which encompasses cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. He recommends the following tips in order to prolong your life.

Meat on the weekends

Meals during the week should be vegetarian meals, with only the meals on the weekends containing meat. A Harvard study has found that people who eat less red meat on a daily basis are able to reduce their chances for an early death by nearly 20%. Studies also show that people who eat plant-based diets live longer. Most people are not going to make a change to vegetarianism, but going vegetarian for just the weekdays is still effective.

Daily glass of light beer

An Italian study shows that a little bit of beer every day reduces heart risk by 30%, and has the same benefit of daily wine. Beer actually contains something extra; vitamin B and malted barley, which are believed to affect your heart in a positive manner. Beer also benefits your bones.

Daily low-dose aspirin

It has been mentioned on the Dr. Oz show that having two low-dose/baby aspirin a day can reduce your chances of having a heart attack. Brand new data, from the American Cancer Society, shows that taking aspirin can also reduce the risks of dying from certain types of cancer by 40%. Aspirin’s protects cells from inflammation damage and once you get past the age of 40, you need to be taking aspirin.

Before 7am, move for 15 minutes

This gets your biological clock on a regular schedule — exercising this way will give you a better sleep the following evening. Sleeping six hours of less every night increases your changes of dying an early death by 12%.

Standing 5 minutes of every hour

People who are sitting for longer than four hours a day are at a high risk for the “Longevity Trifecta”. To avoid sitting for long periods of time, stand up for 5 minutes out of every hour.

Tomato paste every day

Eating 4 Tbsp of tomato paste every day will help your heart; it keeps the arteries open and sustains the heart muscle with nutrients, as well as reducing your cholesterol. Look for the low-sodium version, and add to your pasta sauces.

1200mg of calcium a day

Calcium helps your kidneys, and kidney stones won’t form if you have enough calcium. Try having a green shake in the morning.

A cup of pomegranate seeds

Having a cup of pomegranate seeds every day will help your lung function, reduce inflammation and decrease your chances of lung cancer.

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