BB Cream – 5 in 1 Skin Beauty Cream

BB Cream - Beauty BombAll-in-1 Skin BB Cream

Dr. Oz exposes the newest 5-in-1 healthy skin care product (BB Cream) that will take the place of all your other skin products: primer, foundation, sun-block , moisturizing lotion and anti-aging solution! Find out how it is possible to look much younger and save alot of your time and money using a BB Cream.

What is BB Cream?

BB stands for Beauty Balm, BB cream is a miracle in a tube. BB Cream is not a brand, it’s a new type of product as you may find several types of BB creams on the market, but it is literally 5 in 1 skin care product as it will do everything you need (5 things) for your skin in a single swipe, it’s works as a skin Primer, helps even skin tone as skin foundation, it will hydrates your skin like moisturizer, it provides UV protection like sun block creams and it also has anti-aging ingredients that works as your anti-aging serum.

Benefits of BB Cream To Your Skin:

Blurs imperfections
No Heavy ingredients

Anti-Aging Ingredients of BB Cream:

Different brands will give you different benefits, but mainly they will have:

Vitamin A: Regenerates Skin
Vitamin C: Brightens Skin and acts as strong anti-oxidant
Hyaluronic Acid: Plumps Skin
Sunscreen: Prevents Aging as Sun usually aids in the aging process of skin.

How to identify a BB Cream product?

You just need to look on the product for the letters BB (Beauty Bomb).

How to Pick up a BB Cream that is right for you?

BB Creams come in many different colors and brands, you should look for the one that matches your normal foundation and your skin texture. for example: if you are oily, you should look for something that is oily-free, if you are exposing your skin to the sun for long hours, then you get a higher SPF BB cream, if you tend to be in apolluted environment you should look for the one with ahigher anti-oxidant ans so on…It may took you a while of trial & error till you find the perfect BB cream that match your skin type.

Before and After using BB Cream

BB Cream Skin test on Dr. OZ showBB Cream skin test on Dr. OZ show

How much and Where to Buy BB Creams?

BB Creams range between $7.99 to $99 and you can get great products with low price spectrum, so you don’t have to spend a fortune on your skin. It’s all about being able to have that convenience with an all-in-one skin cream. BB Creams can be found at drug/make-up stores, you can also Order BB cream Online here.

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