Benefits of Cucumber Juice and How to Prepare it!

cucumber juiceHow to prepare Cucumber juice:


3 cucumbers
2 grains of lemon.
1/2 a cup of sugar.
Few of the orange blossom water.
5 cups of cold water.
Lemon slices.

Cut the cucumber and put it in a blender. Add lemon, sugar and orange blossom water and some water. Blend these ingredients well in a blender. pour the cucumber juice mixture in glasses, and garnish with lemon slices and cubes of ice.

The Benefits of Cucumber:

Cucumber was first brought by immigrants from the Middle East, the Germans began to recognize the cucumber as a kind of delicious vegetables but they did not realize that it has great benefits on health and protecting the body from many diseases. According to a report developed by nutrition researchers in Wilhelmshaven city, the Cucumber was found to be effective in treatment of urinary disorders, preventing kidney and ureters problems in addition to its vital role in easing digestive disorders.

The report has shown that the cucumber contains alkali or alkaline, so it helps in balancing the acid-base in body and prevents the harmful effects of increasing the percentage of acid in blood. The report also showed that Cucumber is rich with natural materials that prevent the formation of sand in urinary bladder, a good diuretic, so it can be prescribed for people with urinary tract problems, and it is a strong gut softeners because it contains a high percentage of fiber nutrients.

The cucumber contains erepsin enzyme which digests protein. It also have potassium which is good for controlling arterial blood pressure. Accordingly, cucumber is on the list of vegetables rich in vitamin C antioxidant. Apart from that, the cucumber has aesthetic benefits too, cucumber slices can be placed moistened around the eyes and used in the form of a mask by mixing cucumber juice with a little honey and flour inorder to maintain purity and freshness for the face and remove black spots formed around the eyes as a result of stress or fatigue or progress in age.

Medical benefits of Cucumber:

1. Cucumber seeds have the same effect as pumpkin seeds in fragmentation of sand in urine.
2. Cucumber seeds are crushed and mixed with sugar, you can take it on an empty stomach then drink after an hour or two, it is a strong laxative.
3. Cucumber Seeds are used for:

  • Percolating diseases
  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Inflammatory diseases of the urinary tract
  • Modifying of the acidity of the stomach

4. Tranquilizer and tension remover, it is also good for those who have mood disorder and mental illness.
5. Lowers blood pressure, especially on the psychological causes.
6. Cucumber juice is good treatment for sensitive skin and urticaria,  drink a cup ( a cup of coffee size) of cucumber juice in the morning and evening and apply it repeatedly on the skin for good fast results.
7. Cucumber oil and its derivatives is used in cosmetic formulations. It is a skin softener and it can help in treating skin irritation, especially if it was caused by the sun.
8. Cucumber is also used in preparing rigid and liquid soap, and gelatin Jelly. Cucumber juice can be mixed with glycerin to produce a sterilizing & re-freshening liquid for skin.
9. In perfumes, cucumber can be used to produce special oil that gives cucumber smell.
10. In treating headaches, cucumber rings can be used on the front of the head and on the cheeks.
11. Cucumber can fight against thirst, it is also a natural laxative for stomach and can treat constipation.
12. Antipyretic and protect against fevers.
13. Cucumber activates the liver and treats jaundice.
14. Cucumber prevents palpitations and rapid heartbeats.


Excessive consume of cucumber is prohibited for those who have:

  • Rheumatic diseases due to high amount of water and moisture in cucumber.
  • Atherosclerosis disease, strokes and tremor.

Generally, It is better to reduce cucumber for people over 5o years old. And it is also not preferable for people who suffer from apathy or impotence.

Make sure you Ask a doctor for the suitable amount of cucumber your body should get, inorder to stay on the right track.

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