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Dr. Oz: Yoga Workout Video For Beginners – By Steve Ross

Video: Steve Ross Yoga Workout Tips Yoga is one of the main parts in Dr. Oz’s daily routine, Dr. Oz starts his day by doing few minutes of Yoga and he wants everyone to explore and experience the numerous benefits of yoga, that’s why he invited one of his good friends, Steve Ross (yoga instructor) [...]

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Dr. Oz: Prancercise Yoga (Video) with Joanna Rohrback

Video: Joanna Rohrback “Prancercising” Yoga Exercise Internet sensation Joanna Rohrback was a guest on Dr. Oz show, She is known with her “Prancercising” exercise, watch this video as she shows some Yoga to warm-up before doing any Aerobic activity. (Prancercise) Fitness Workout There are 4 models of Prancercise®, where Joanna Rohrback teach more about a [...]

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Dr. Oz: Reduce Your Risk of The (Deadly) Pancreatic Cancer!

Cancer is perhaps the deadliest disease humans are battling for centuries. Of the different forms of cancer, pancreatic cancer is the most invasive and of poor prognosis. Thanks to the advances in modern medical research, there are more survivors from breast and prostate cancer now than ever. Nevertheless, pancreatic cancer remains one of the greatest killer diseases of ….

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