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Dr Oz Show: Gail’s Banana Nut Popcorn Recipe

Dr. Oz show Gail's Banana nut Popcorn Recipe

Most of us love Popcorn, but too much Popcorns means alot of extra fats and calories. Gail has a secret for preparing Pop corns to be healthy as snacks with less fats and calories.

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Dr Oz Show: Manicotti Makeover Recipe

Manicotti Makeover Recipe

Lynette made this Manicotti Makeover Recipe that has less 50 % calories than the traditional dish. Lynette used the Greek fat free yogurt to cut down extra fats, her Manicotti Makeover dish is rich in , nutritious vegetables, fibers as well as rich and creamy cheesy goodness

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Dr Oz Show: Chicken Fried Steak Remake Recipe

Chicken Fried Steak Remake recipe

Monique prepared this Chicken Fried Steak Remake Recipe using chicken instead of steak, her secret was to Bake chicken instead of frying it using the deep fryer. She also created a lighter sauce which makes this recipe delivers only half of the calories of the traditional chicken deep fried steak and best of all without losing the good taste

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Benefits of Cucumber Juice and How to Prepare it!

cucumber juice

Cucumber was first brought by immigrants from the Middle East, the Germans began to recognize the cucumber as a kind of delicious vegetables but they did not realize that it has great benefits not only on health but also in protecting the body from many other diseases

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