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Dr.Oz: 10-minutes Back-Pain Relief without Medications?!

Dr. Oz: Relieve your Back Pain in 10-minutes using a cold roller on your back In today’s show, Dr. Oz addresses the problem that 47 million Americans are experiencing every day: the real and ever present Backpain. When he promises that he’d help you feel like a 10 in just 10 minutes, you better believe it because the remedies are …

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Dr. Oz Video: Honey Can Help You Lose Weight!

dr oz Honey Is Healthier Than Sugar

Dr. Oz reveals why honey is more healthier than sugar. New studies have shown that honey is good for weight loss, although honey contains more calories than sugar! ...

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Dr. Oz’s Garcinia Cambogia Extract Review + FAQs

garcinia cambogia review

In this review, we are going to reveal the truth about Garcinia cambogia and answer the most common questions about this supplement. To find if Garcinia cambogia will work for you, first you need to understand how it works and if it there are any restrictions before you decide to jump the fence.

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Dr. Oz: 3 Foods That Help To Fight Pain

Pain is a deeply unpleasant experience, but as well as the horrible experience of the pain itself it can also trigger excessive eating of unhealthy foods. Many people who are in pain start eating poor diets, increasing their intake of things like sugar, fat and more.

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Video: Dr. Oz Behind the Scenes

Watch as Dr. Mehmet Oz reveal his personal story and journey to choose the medicine career. From being a student and surgeon to becoming a host of one of the most popular television shows "The Dr. Oz show".

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The DASH Diet – Top Diet, According to the Experts

Dr. Oz's dash diet plan

Not only has the DASH Diet been found to reduce blood pressure, but it also reduces the risk of diabetes, strokes, and heart attacks. It has also been found to reduce cholesterol, some cancers, and kidney stones. The diet is easy to follow, can be sustained over a lifetime, and is common sense healthy.

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Dr. Oz: How To Cure Your Headache (Food Solutions)

dr. oz : Cure Headache

How many of us associate food with headache? "Foods can treat and prevent the most common headaches that we get" says Dr Oz. Neurologist Dr Majid Fotuhi, MD, PhD and a guest on the show thinks that the most important weapon against frequent headaches is "prevention" and in a nutshell outlines the top three things about headache prevention.

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Dr. Oz: 5 Cheap and Safe Alternatives For Your Medicine Cabinet

Dr. Oz: Medicine Cabinet Essentials

More and more studies are showing that continued use of some common pain medications can lead to severe health issues. Dr. Oz has some safer, and sometimes cheaper, alternatives that you should always have in your medicine cabinet.

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