Dr. Oz: Christie Brinkley Revealing Her Anti-aging Secrets!

Christie Brinkley on Dr. Oz showAt 61 Christie Brinkley is arguably one of the most beautiful women in the entire world. Despite been a mother of 3, she maintains a divine figure that most women half her age would kill for. To sum it all up, this highly successful supermodel boasts of a stunning figure, huge azure eyes, long and luxuriant blond hair and a dazzling white smile that never fails to impress. Very recently she appeared on the popular Dr. Oz show and went on to reveal some of her secrets on how she has managed to defy age. This article is geared to share some of the most notable of these in the hope that many women will benefit from them.

To begin, Christie integrates a daily exfoliating regimen. She asserts that she got inspiration earlier on in her modeling career by reading an article that revealed men tend to look 5x younger than their female contemporaries due to shaving daily. This article attributed this to rapid cell turnover that keeps men’s skin radiant at all times. On top of this, she also finds time for monthly “modern technology” facials that she claims keep her face at its best.

During her career as a model, Christie has learned alot about the beauty industry and she is using her expertise to create Christie Brinkley Skincare and styling products including clip-in hair extensions.

When it comes her eating habits, Christie explained to Dr. Oz that she has strictly adheres to a mostly vegan diet since turning 13. Which she says was a result of someone giving her a very graphic description of a Chicago slaughterhouse. This supermodel starts her day with a steaming cup of coffee and coconut milk and hazelnut creamer.

Later on she indulges in sheep milk yoghurt, wheat germ and Anutra. For those who may perhaps not be in the know, Anutra is a dietary supplement that is formulated from specially grown Chia seeds. Which is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, numerous antioxidants, whole protein, fiber as well as other crucial phytonutrients. Christie says her favorite snacks are melon and walnuts. That she washes down with PurePrana energy drink that has turmeric. Whenever she craves for something sweet, Christie drinks coconut water. She further asserted that her lunches are mostly leftover meals, which with her vegan roots means vegetables and beans. She also said that she is using probiotics as it has many benefits such as improving the immune system.

As for her workout regimen this amazing lady is mad about movements. If she is not running, she is lifting weights. While also taking care to schedule at least ten minutes exercising on her Total Gym home equipment that she swears by. When asked on her particular approach to her workout regimen, Christie explained to Dr. Oz that variety is always the fundamental factor she dwells on. Which apart from effectually driving away boredom, enables her to realize her fitness objectives in an infinitely hassle-free manner.

In addition to the time she allots for working out, Christie regularly attends SoulCycle and yoga classes along with dancing. The latter of which she credits for her shapely legs. She also loves to multitask, and goes through her daily chores such as brushing her teeth or styling her hair while simultaneously working out. This supermodel also has a strong penchant for outdoor activities, particularly those that are water oriented This includes kayaking, surfing, stand up paddle-boarding, rafting or simply running at the beach.

When it comes to her mental wellness, Christie Brinkley observed that she does her level best to embrace change, especially when it comes to aging. She readily conceded to Dr. Oz that there are times that she finds herself gaining some extra pounds, as do all of us, due to her fondness for pasta. But when that happens she immediately hits the gym to bring herself back to her ideal body.

She also emphasizes on how she feels and not how she looks. Feeling good, she says, enables you to ooze a particular energy that equates to beauty. As an afterthought , Christie told Dr. Oz that she makes it a habit not to pay much attention to haters. She said that from very early on in her glittering career, she adopted a positive frame of mind. Which she has noticed tends to add more years to her life, brightens her eyes and puts a determined spring to her steps. All in all, she praised the wonders of having a resolute willpower, a balanced diet and exercise as the things that have assisted her to defy age.

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