How to Defy your Age and look much younger

Dr. Oz came with 3 Top Experts (Dr. Joely Kauffman, Rovenia M. Brock and Katrina Szish) to share Tips and secrets from their fountain of youth to help you defy your age and look much younger.

Dr. Oz show: How to defy your Age and look much youngerHow to Defy Your Age?

A. Skin Treatment:

Since the skin is the first thing that gives away your age, Dr. Oz has brought in Dr. Joely Kauffman (dermatologist) to share her skin secrets.

1. Treating Brown spots

One of her secret weapons to tackle brown spots and signs of aging is PYCNOGENOL, not only it is great antioxidant but it also helps regenerate other antioxidants like Vitamin C and E. You can take PYCNOGENOL by mouth and it will fade brown spots and provide you with some sun protection, you can also use it topically and apply it directly to the brown spot and overtime it will fade.

2. Treating crow’s feet and eye fine lines

Luckily these days, you can use your at-home Laser to treat crow’s feet, The Palovia skin renewing laser is the only FDA approved laser cleared for treatment of fine lines around the eyes. Palovia skin laser can be used to do the same treatment the dermatologist do at their offices as it is based on the same technology. Use Palovia skin laser once/day to treat yourself at home, After a month you will need to use it just twice/week. Palovia laser is $400 which is less cheaper than one treatment at dermatology office that costs $500 – $1000 per treatment.

If you don’t want to use Palovia skin laser, there is another good product to erase those fine lines around the eyes which is the Truth Is In The Eyes.

B. Rovenia M. Brock’s secrets for Youth

1. Dr. Ro’s fountain of youth shake

Rovenia M. Brock has secret weapon that she uses everyday to prevent wrinkles from forming and reduce toxics that ages you fast and makes you look older, It is called “The Fountain of youth shake“, this magical drink contains coconut water, wheat grass, handfuls spinach, pineapple spears.

2. Treating Your Hair

If you got unhealthy hair, you can use Biotin (take 5 mg/day). It has Vitamin B, it will supply cells with energy and helps grow your hair and your nails fast.

C. Put Your Clothes on a Diet

Katrina Szish (Style expert) got a couple of tips to put your clothes on a diet, Katrina explained that you can easily shave off 1o years off your age by getting rid of those baggy clothes and get something that fits you (ladies), this will make you look so much younger.

How to choose Clothes that make you look younger?

Jackets: Choose jackets that hits your waist (no longer), also make sure that the arm holes are higher and alot slimmer, that will make you look much more modern, slim and ofcourse much younger.

skirts: The rule of thumb is, they shouldn’t be too long and not too short (mini skirts), the simple rule is skirt should hit exactly at your knee and no more than 2 inches above your knee.

Tip: Dressing black cloth might be slimming in some cases but when it’s baggy, it adds pounds and years so 1st thing you can do is go to something bright and pattern that can fits you like Clair’s Photos below:

Dr. Oz show- Defy your Age and look much younger
Accessories: Try to embrace those accessories specially necklaces as it can act like a frame for your face.

Defy your Age with Beauty Products:

One of the easiest ways to Defy your age is with the beauty products that can make you look years younger. Click here for Dr. Oz’s Biggest Beauty Breakthroughs.

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