Do Dr. Oz’s Beauty Remedies Actually Work?!

Two Friends SeriesThe Dr. Oz showed aired an episode titled “Unexpected” and on this show he was giving viewers useful information about how to save their lives and tips about how to maintain their health. On this particular episode, Dr. Oz had one viewer named Joyce reveal to him what type of home remedy that she used from his show that was his favorite.

Before getting into the segment, Dr. Oz performed a self-made song and video about the remedies that he has offered to viewers in the past. The song featured many of his home remedies and it had a techno sound while Dr. Oz sang along to the music with a synthesized voice.

Dr. Oz’s Craziest Home Remedies

Joyce began to explain to Dr. Oz that even though she liked his home remedies some of them were a bit messy or “crazy” to be used in a practical way.

Face Mask Remedy

First, she explained to Dr. Oz that she tried to use a face mask remedy of his to improve her skin. The ingredients that she used for the mask contained items such as cocoa and yogurt. Joyce claimed that once she put these items on her face it created a sloppy mess that did not remain on her face for long. She did like the way that the ingredients worked on her face but she did not like the mess that it made so she had to make some alterations to the remedy in order for it to work. Once she adjusted the recipe for the face mask it worked just fine.

Tooth whitening Recipe

The next home remedy that she used was a tooth whitening recipe that consisted of strawberries and baking soda. This particular recipe by Dr. Oz is supposed to be mixed in a blender and applied to the teeth but Joyce claimed that the formula was too thick to form a good paste. She had to make some alterations to the mixture in order to make it have a good texture. She claimed that the paste was rather bitter but it worked.

Hair Conditioning Formula

The last home remedy that Joyce claimed to have given her crazy results was a hair conditioning formula that was endorsed by Dr. Oz. The original recipe for this formula consisted of things such as eggs, oil and honey but Joyce had to alter this particular formula once again in order to get good results. Joyce claimed that the formula actually works and that it helps to improve the color and strength of roots. She also says that it is best to use this remedy when taking a shower because it can create a such a mess.

Dr. Oz did not care that Joyce or any other viewer had to alter the ingredients of the remedy just as long as they were using it for a specified health related purpose. As a matter of fact he encouraged his viewers to make adjustments to his home remedies when necessary, and to ad improvements to make them better. The main thing that Dr. Oz wanted his viewers to realize is that they should use his home remedies because they work.

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