Dr. Jonathan Levine’s Tips To Power Up Your Oral Care Routine?

Oral Care with dr. ozDr. Jonathan B. Levine, well-known NYC aesthetic dentist with over 30years of experience, (author of The Ultimate Guide to Achieving Smile Beauty) as well as Associate Professor of Advanced Aesthetics at the NYU School of Dentistry, is on a mission to help people improve their dental health. As a result of his distinguished career and commitment to revolutionizing the field of dental aesthetics, he is considered an expert in oral health. Currently, he holds 10 patents and 19 oral care patents pending. He is also an active philanthropist,published author,and a frequent guest on the nationally syndicated “Dr. Oz Show.”

Dr. Jonathan remains dedicated to caring for his patients, helping them create a beautiful smile, and providing them with the teaching necessary to maintain their oral health. Recently, he sat down to discuss the importance of proper oral health. He also revealed his top tip for powering up your mouth care routine.

When asked to describe his passion for dentistry, Dr. Levine responded, “I’m on a mission to raise awareness of the importance of having a healthy mouth. My goal is to use my more than 30 years of experience in the dental profession to teach, train,and educate people on the importance of excellent oral health.”

He went on to explain, “A healthy mouth is part of a healthy body, so it’s important to care for your gums and teeth to decrease problems like gingivitis, and to promote overall oral health. And while good oral care routines include seeing your dentist regularly, it’s also imperative to take care of your mouth between visits. We need to challenge and empower Americans to be responsible for their oral health, think preventively, and develop an everyday oral health routine that is good for them.”

The Top Tip For Maintaining Good Oral Health:

In addition he shared his toptip for anyone looking to improve their current oral health. He stated, “My number-one tip is to be sure to brush at least twice daily and floss once a day. I also stress that they should visit their dentist twice a year to diagnose and treat any problems that may have developed. In addition, I recommend they make the switch to using a rechargeable power toothbrush, specifically one with pulsating, rotating,and oscillating technology.”

He concluded by discussing the advantages of using power toothbrushes, “Using a powered toothbrush is one of the best and easiest ways patients can further improve their oral health. Many have a variety of brush heads, timers,and cleaning modes to encourage brushing for the dentist-recommended two minutes.Traditional tooth brush scan adequately clean teeth, but power tooth brushes do the brushing act for you. Specifically, those that oscillate, rotate,and pulsate help remove plaque. If not dealt with, plaque can cause numerous conditions, including gingivitis and tooth decay.” Ask your dental professional to find the power toothbrush that will work best for you.

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