Dr.Oz: 10-minutes Back-Pain Relief without Medications?!

Dr. Oz: Relieve your Back Pain in 10-minutes using a cold roller on your back

10-minute back pain reliefIn today’s show, Dr. Oz addresses the problem that 47 million Americans are experiencing every day: the real and ever present Backpain. When he promises that he’d help you feel like a 10 in just 10 minutes, you better believe it because the remedies are simple, easy and authentic.
The following are his 3 quick-fix prescription to alleviate that stubborn backache that’s making you uncomfortable.

1) 10-minute cold temperature therapy.

There are a variety of ways to apply cold temperature relief for your backpain. You can use cold pack for ice massage, while another remedy is explained by his guest, Dr. Peggy Brill Orthopedic Physical Therapist, and author of 15 Minutes a Day That Can Change Your Life . You can use a cold roller, which is the latest temperature therapy device, by rolling it across the back. The area of pain is cooled, reducing blood flow, swelling and inflammation. The cold also makes the nerves in the area less sensitive, which means fewer muscle spasms, and therefore lesser back ache. Therma4, the cold roller brand name, is ideal for fast recovery of backpain and for prevention of sports injury. You can use this for both hot and cold application: if you have enough time, at least more than 10 minutes, then you can use this for hot first and then cold treatment. Hot treatment helps loosen your muscles, increase blood flow and decrease stiffness of joints. But if you want speedy, short-time healing, you can just use cold right away because cold temperature is anti-inflammatory. The whole idea of temperature therapy is, you are interfering with the perception of pain and this also eases your tissues.

2) Prescription topical creams made from anti-inflammatory drugs.

This is preferred to pills for quick relief of backpains because this provides remedy with lower side effects compared to oral pills pain medication. Topical creams work by penetrating below the skin’s surface to deliver the medicine directly to the ache. They reduce swelling and block inflammation. And they are effective because when used in just one or two weeks, research have shown that topical creams CAN REDUCE pain by 50%. The principle is when you apply something directly into the area, it goes directly into the spot where pain is, versus taking a pill where it goes through your whole body and having to deal with it systemically. In this case, you want the anti-inflammatory effect and relief to just go into that specific area. For example, if you feel a stabbing sharp pain, it takes the edge off of your pain.

For OTC pain relief, look for Salicylate or Capsaicin as their active ingredient. You can read this in the contents on the label.

3) Taping your backpain with Kinesio tapes.

Back Pain Kinesiology TapeThey were initially created to treat the pain and injuries of athletes, but there’s evidence that they can also ease backpain. The colorful strips of Kinesio tapes are strategically placed at the target of pain. There’s no need to get a physical therapist to put this on your back. You just go to a sporting goods store and ask somebody to stick it on your back and get relief immediately on the spot where you are most vulnerable. The theory of this therapy tool is, they open up a space between your skin and muscle. This causes nerves to send messages to the brain to stabilize the muscles in your back. This helps reinforce what the muscles are supposed to do, thus giving you that 10-minute relief that you need especially when you are on the run. In fact, in one study, adults who were treated using Kinesio tapes for just one week experienced significant reduction in their chronic lower backpain. The most important benefit of Kinesio tapes is, it gives you pain relief without medication or side effects.

There are two ways in how taping can be used to reduce stress tension. The following are two patterns you can use:

1. (II) Parallel or Side-by-Side on each side of the spine.

This pattern supports the large muscle that comes from your pelvis all the way to the top of your skull. This will help ease your pain from sitting too long or for being athletic.

2. (X) pattern.

So many people have problems like L4, L5, L5S1. The tension is concentrated in the upper or lower part of the body. This is where you get all the stress on your back from your activities. The X pattern is a great way to splint and reinforce stability in the cross-section of the X spot where you tape it. You can use the tapes every day as long as skin does not get irritated.

Be reminded that you don’t use one therapy device all by itself and expect permanent relief. Always integrate these tools with your exercise because this is treating only one of the symptoms. Your ultimate goal is to strengthen and stabilize your back. But it’s good to have these treatment tools to get your 10-minute speedy, quick pain relief on a daily basis, any time in a day.

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