Dr. Oz: 3 Family Meals That Make You Gain Weight

Food mistakesCooking meals for your family is well-meaning, but has the potential to make you gain around 12 pounds a year from doing it. Simple food mistakes that you make while preparing food can quickly add up, and the Dr. Oz Show has highlighted three in particular, especially for those of you who have kids. Dr. Oz revealed those 3 surprising food mistakes that can make you fat.

3 Food Mistakes That Can Add Inches To Your Waistline

Peanut Butter

Kids love peanut butter, and it’s not uncommon to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for brown bag lunches. After making the sandwich, however, you are left with a knife covered in peanut butter. The normal reaction for most people is to lick the knife and enjoy it. This seems innocent enough, but that single lick of peanut butter is around 80 extra calories. Making this simple mistake once a day for a year can add eight extra pounds of weight. Instead, the best option is to scrape the excess peanut butter back into the container, and use it for the next sandwich.

Chip Crumbs

Another item that often goes into brown bag lunches is potato chips. By the time you get down to the last few chips, there’s lots of small crumbs and seasoning at the bottom of the bag. The natural reaction for most people is to dump those crumbs into their mouths, or lick their fingers and fish them out. Unfortunately, those tasty crumbs can be around 70 extra calories. Doing that twice a week for a year means you’re adding an extra two pounds to your current weight. The best option, is to restrain the urge to eat those last few chips and simply throw that bag out.

Macaroni and Cheese

When dinner time rolls around and the kids want Macaroni and Cheese, you serve up their plates and are generally left with some leftover macaroni in the dish. Those corners are full of crispy cheese and extra pasta, and so it’s habit to spoon this out and eat it, rather than letting it go to waste. Do this twice a week and that’s an extra pound and a half of weight gain. Dr. Oz suggests putting any leftover food away as quickly as possible, or try to offset those calories somewhere else in your diet, if you really want a taste of that macaroni and cheese.

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