Dr. Oz: 3 Foods That Help To Fight Pain

dr oz foods that fight painPain is a deeply unpleasant experience, but as well as the horrible experience of the pain itself it can also trigger excessive eating of unhealthy foods. Many people who are in pain start eating poor diets, increasing their intake of things like sugar, fat and more.

These foods may make them ‘feel’ better but in fact some of them can actually increase their physical pain. In response to this many people will reach for pills like aspirin or Tylenol.

In fact there are many foods that they could choose instead that have actual pain-fighting properties. Here are three of the top foods that you can eat that have pain-fighting properties and contain antioxidants and other beneficial compounds that will help reduce pain without having to reach for the pills.


Papaya contains a special enzyme – called papain. Papain is an extremely effective enzyme at fighting pain, it is so effective in fact that it has been made into an injection given to people who suffer from lower back pain – it is also sold as an extremely popular over the counter as a painkiller.

While you can get it as a pill it is much more helpful to eat papaya – as you get antioxidants contained in the flesh of the papaya that also help to fight pain.

Another bonus of Papaya is that you can put into other foods, like salad – meaning that you get the pain-fighting benefits whilst also enjoying a fantastic meal.

Dark Cherries

Dark cherries contain an antioxidant called anthocyanins – which are as effective as ibuprofen or asprin at reducing body pain – they do this by turning off the bodies pain signals.

Anthocyanins are not the only useful component of dark cherries however, they are also packed full of carbohydrates meaning that you will get an energy boost – as well as the pain-killing aspects, making them a great all round food to consume, try eating 20 of them and you will see some real benefits.

You should eat your dark cherries with colorful vegetables & nuts and seeds, which contain anti-inflammatory fats and proteins.

They are easy to prepare as a treat too, blend them with a few tablespoons of cashew butter for a delicious, pain-reducing treat.


Tahini, which is a spread made from sesame seeds, contains magnesium, which is a well known muscle relaxant – making it ideal for helping to cure headaches & muscle pain. So if you have had a particularly tough day or overdone it at the gym – then tahini is the food to go for.

Most people don’t get enough magnesium either so it would be a good idea to eat tahini no matter what your pain issues.

It is also extremely easy to get into your diet – as it is a spread, which can be spread on toast or any other item of food.

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