Dr. Oz: 3 New Ideas To Melt Fat Fast Without Dieting!

Want to Melt Your Fat Away?

Dr Oz best 3 fat meltersOn the Dr. Oz show recently, there was an extremely interesting segment topic about melting body fat away. Dr. Oz interviewed Dr. Eva Selhub, a leading expert in the field of weight loss. Dr. Selhub explained what exactly fat melting is. She explained that fat melting by comparing it to fat in a frying pan. When you put fat in a frying pan and turn on the heat fat melts. The same thing is true for our bodies – the same thing happens; have fat add heat fat melts.

When fat cells are broken down it is called lipolysis. Lipo = fat, lysis = breakdown; lipolysis creates heat or thermogenesis (thermo = heat, genesis = creation). The heat melts the fat that’s why exercise works to lose weight and shed fat. It is now known that there are natural ways to make this process of shedding fat happen without moving! Moving or physical exercise is still necessary and essential for a whole host of good reasons in maintaining good health and physical structure, it’s just not as important to losing fat.

Dr. Oz’s 3 Unique Ideas To Melt Fat Without Exercise or Dieting

Fat Melting Idea #1 – CLA

CLA = Conjugated Linoleic Acid. CLA is known as a good transfat. It has a lower melting point than other fats, it’s a good fat we have naturally in nature as a food source in beef and dairy. It’s a fat our bodies do not produce itself but need in our diets. It is essential we get it from other sources.

We have fat cells within our body. Within these fat cells are fat molecules that at times when fat gets stubborn and does not want to leave the fat cells no matter how much we diet and move our bodies.

How to Remove Stubborn Fat

When you take CLA, what it does is enter the fat cell and melts those stubborn fat molecules which then makes it easy for the fat cell to get rid of the fat. The results of adding CLA to melt the fat is that the gut area or abdominal obesity shrinks and there is a loss of body mass in general. In one study, there was an 8% reduction of fat in people using CLA vs. placebo when the person took CLA without diet and/or exercise. Fat reduction can be seen in about 4 weeks of taking CLA.

How To Get CLA In Your Diet

You can get CLA into your diet by eating beef and dairy from grass fed cows. The CLA is found in the grass the cows eat and you would have to eat very large amounts of these foods to have the CLA have a noticeable affect on the process of fat melting. Taking CLA as a dietary supplement in 3 separate 1 gram doses per day is the most efficient way of getting it into your diet to start benefiting from its fat melting properties. Make sure the CLA you purchase is made with safflower oil because safflower has a higher CLA content. If you have diabetes, check with your doctor before using CLA. Click Here to buy CLA from our trusted store

Fat Melting Idea #2 – Pyruvate

How to Shrink Fat Cells By Giving Them A Bath

Pyruvate prevents the body from making to much fat. Our bodies naturally make pyruvate when sugar is broken down into energy. Pyruvate can also help with the removal of excess fat from the body by bathing our fat cells in it where by the fat cells shrink.

Dr. Selhub reported that up to 12% of body fat and 12% body mass can be attained by using pyruvate. You can get pyruvate into your diet by eating red wine, red grapes and apples, although you would need to ingest a larger amount than is practical per day. An easier and more efficient way of adding pyruvate to our diet is as a supplement of 6 grams per day with exercise and dieting; and takes 1 to 2 months to speed up and boost the metabolism, from there continue with a healthy lifestyle.

Fat Melting Idea #3 – MCT

One of Dr. Oz’s Favorite Ways To Lose Those Last Stubborn 5 Pounds

MCT or Medium Chain Triglycerides is one of Dr. Oz’s favorite ways to lose those last stubborn 5 lbs and you can get it pretty readily in your diet. MCT is small and easy to digest. It goes right into the stomach then straight into the liver and is broken down for fuel. You can burn 100 calories a day by adding MCT. That’s 3,000 calories a month which translates into 1 lb a month. You can get MCT into your daily diet just by eating 2 TBS. of coconut oil per day by cooking with it; baking, frying, adding it to smoothies or eating it straight from the jar.

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