3 Ways To Detox Your Body In 60 Minutes or Less!

dr Oz detox your bodyDetoxification is body’s natural way to remove toxins and other harmful components that we constantly gather from environment. Metabolic by-products arising out of stress or improper nutrition also get removed or converted to harmless components and excreted out by this method. Primary organ taking up this great responsibility and working tirelessly is the liver. However, detoxification goes on in kidneys as well and also in colon. Our ability to detoxify declines with age and we tend to accumulate more toxic substances in our system. These toxins not only exert their damaging effect on the vital organs, they also speed up the aging process. Therefore, it is important that we find ways to take out those accumulated toxins from our bodies and rejuvenate our system.

Dr Oz introduced us to an ‘express detox’ that can deliver a whole body detox through an entirely natural mechanism. His guest on the show, Dr Kulreet Chaudhary, MD and neurologist shared her research on quick detox mechanisms. She revealed three ways to quickly detox our bodies in under an hour.

1. Digestive Tract Detox

The first among them is a combination of lemon juice, ginger and sea salt that increases the digestive fire. She claims that by boosting digestive fire, we will get rid of some of the “old toxins” sitting there in our digestive tract. The recipe is simple;

  • 1/2 Cup Fresh Lemon Juice
  • A knob of ginger cut into one inch slices
  • Half-a-teaspoonful of sea salt
  • Eat 1-2 pieces of soaked ginger before meals

The ginger slices have to be soaked in the mixture of sea salt and lemon juice for a day. One to two slices of soaked ginger are recommended before every meal. This is particularly helpful for people with slower metabolism and also most beneficial when taken just before dinner when our metabolism is at its lowest. The sharp taste of ginger seems to irritate the taste buds, calming down the hunger, in a way leading to a controlled appetite.

2. Dandelion Greens For Liver Detox

This method is for a liver detox using dandelion greens. This plant is very common and grows almost everywhere. Leaves from this plant contains a natural diuretic and it pulls out the toxins from the blood thereby relieving the pressure off of liver so hat it doesn’t have to work that hard. Liver is one of the most hard working organs in the body and it detoxifies toxins coming from all the medications people take, fatty foods and alcohol etc. Thus it might be a good idea to take some of the pressure off this organ once in a while allowing it an opportunity to regain its health. Dinner is the best time to have dandelion greens and it works whichever way it is take, either saute or steam or mix it with lettuce to have it as a salad.

3. Sesame Oil For Mouth Detox

The method is for actually taking toxins out of the mouth. It is called oil pulling and has been practiced by people for centuries in ancient civilizations.

Oil Pulling Detox

  • Slip 1 tbsp of Sesame Oil in the morning
  • Swish for 10 minutes before brushing teeth

Salivary glands has this natural mechanism of concentrating toxins in them, thereby causing them to build up. Oil pulling facilitates getting rid of those concentrated toxins from our salivary glands thereby refreshing the mouth as a whole. The procedure is simple. Dr Chaudhary explained and Dr Oz demonstrated the detox as to sip one tablespoonful of sesame oil in the morning and swish for 10 to 15 minutes. Swishing will take out the saliva as well as the toxins deposited in the gland, particularly the ones that are fat soluble and hard to get rid of. We have to be very careful not to swallow any of it and brush our teeth immediately after we are done. It has been actually shown to be beneficial to gingivitis, bad breath (halitosis) and other mouth conditions including removing tartar. The oil pulling rinse should change its color to a cloudy white from a tan brown, if not, more swishing for an extended time is recommended.

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