Dr. Oz: 9 Anti-aging Tips To Erase Your Age Mistakes

Everyday Mistakes That Age You Faster than You Realize

Dr. Oz  Anti Aging tips For Everyday Mistakes

There are things that we do everyday that prematurely age us. Dr. Oz reveals that things like energy drinks, tap water and cellphones can all age you faster than you imagine. The Dr. Oz Show recently covered several of these on an episode, and the #1 mistake will probably surprise you.

Drinking Warm Tap Water

Fifteen percent of our exposure to lead actually comes from our drinking water. Warm or hot water contains higher levels of lead because it pulls more lead from the pipes. Lead seeps from our blood vessels and affects neurons and nerves in our brain, causing us to have increasingly poor memory. If the tap has not been used for six hours, run the water for one minute, until cool, and this will reduce the amount of lead.

Energy Drinks

Soft drinks erode the enamel that cover your teeth, and this causes the yellow-colored dentin underneath to show through. One energy drink will erode as much enamel as eight normal sodas, so they will prematurely yellow your teeth. They also weaken your teeth and lead to other problems. Dr. Oz suggests using a straw to drink your energy drinks, so you can avoid them touching your teeth.

Texting on Your Cellphone

Leaning down over your cellphone while texting can cause you to develop a hunchback posture. The human head is as heavy as a ten pound bowling ball so when you lean down, you are putting unnecessary strain on your neck and back, structurally changing your body. To keep this from happening, raise your elbows straight out from your chest, and make sure that your phone is around eye level.

Licking the Knife

If you lick the knife after you spread peanut butter on a piece of bread, you are eating approximately 80 calories. If you did this every day for a year, you would gain an extra eight pounds. Weight loss leads to premature aging, increased blood pressure, and heart attacks. Instead of licking the knife, just scrape the excess back into the container for your next sandwich.

Eating Broken Chips

The end of a bag of chips always means lots of little broken chip crumbs at the bottom of the bag. These broken chips actually add up to around 50 calories, so the temptation to pour them into your mouth could lead you to gain two pounds in a year (if you eat them twice a week). Instead of eating them, just fight the temptation and discard them.

Sneaking Kids Food or Leftovers

Nibbling while making family meals can lead to a weight gain of around twelve pounds a year. Sneaking just two tablespoons of leftover food can add 50 calories to your diet. If you do this just two times a week it can lead to a pound and half weight gain in a single year. To avoid sneaking food, put leftovers away immediately, and keep a food log to track how much you are eating.

Forgetting About Your Neck

The skin on your neck can be more sensitive and thin than the skin on your face and is prone to changes like wrinkles, pigment, and elasticity. Whenever you are doing a face treatment, don’t forget to treat your neck as well. You do not need to use special neck cream, any face cream will work on your neck as well.

Brushing Your Wet Hair

Always make sure to towel or blow dry your hair before brushing, as brushing your hair while it is still wet will cause it to break and fall out. Use a normal brush or a comb with wide teeth; hair will glide through easier and you will not have to yank on your hair (which will make it break easier).

The #1 Mistake – Washing Your Face

The number one aging mistake that people make is washing their faces in the morning. Washing your face too much can dry it out and it will look duller and older. Only wash your face once a day, with lukewarm water. Use your fingers, not a washcloth, and work the cleanser all over your face, up to the hairline. Wash for 30 seconds to a minute, then rinse and pat dry with a clean towel.

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