Dr. Oz: All-Natural Chronic Pain Treatments – For Headaches, Back pain, Menstrual Cramps And More!

All-Natural Chronic Pain treatmentsFor anyone who struggles with chronic pain, finding relief is a constant battle. Many of the readily available painkillers are not effective or safe to take in the long term. Also, stronger prescription painkillers may be effective but can have serious side effects and be addictive when taken for longer periods of time. For many people, their struggle with chronic pain is a daily ordeal with no end in sight.

However, new advances and discoveries offer hope. Dr. Oz regularly researches and promotes new therapies for weight loss, chronic pain, and other common conditions. Researching the common causes of chronic pain as well as alternate therapies led him to discover some amazingly effective remedies that are not used by most people today. These are three of the most effective treatments for chronic pain.

Corydalis For Chronic Pain

Corydalis which may also be known as the Chinese Poppy is a plant grown in Asia that has been used as an alternative therapy for thousands of years. This plant is commonly used as a pain reliever, although the reason behind its effectiveness was not discovered until recently. Researchers studied Corydalis and found that it contains a compound known as DHC. This compound works by affecting the dopamine receptors in the brain, effectively blocking pain signals.

Corydalis is most effective for relieving nerve pain, chronic pain, spinal pain, and muscle cramps although it may be used for generalized aches as well. In addition to its effectiveness, this natural remedy does not cause dependence or have any other side effects. Unlike most pain relievers available today, the only people who cannot use Corydalis are pregnant women and anyone with an irregular heartbeat. When taken as directed, Corydalis may replace other pain relievers as a safer and just as, if not more, effective pain reliever.

Corydalis Forms:

There are a few different ways to use Corydalis:

1. Corydalis Granules: A popular fast-acting method is buying the granules and dissolving them in hot water. This drink may be enjoyed throughout the day for continuous pain relief. The maximum dosage is 3-9 grams per day since more does not appear to have a greater effect. (repeat 2-3 times per day)

2. Corydalis Supplement: Corydalis is also available in pill form, although this option has a slower release. You can find corydalis supplement online here. (take 3-9 grams per day, 6 capsules 2-3 times per day)

Magnesium for Migraines

Migraines are often debilitating and most over-the-counter medications do not relieve symptoms so they can cause serious disruptions to a daily schedule and routine. When severe, migraines may actually prevent people from going to work and enjoying normal activities. What happens during a migraine is that the veins in the brain dilate or expand, causing increased pressure which leads to pounding pain in the head.

What Dr. Oz discovered during his research into migraines was that there was a common link between migraines and magnesium depleting. Approximately 50% of people who suffer regular migraines do not have adequate magnesium stores and it’s believed that magnesium helps to prevent migraines in a fair number of people. Magnesium can be obtained through foods or supplements. However, for those that are not getting adequate amounts through their diet, a magnesium citrate supplement is readily available and can provide huge relief. (take 400-600 MG per day)

Relieving Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is common in a fair number of people, especially those that sit down for long periods at a time. This pain is caused by the huge amount of nerves that are present in the butt region. When there is regular pressure placed on these nerve bundles, the pressure causes throbbing and pain which may continue even when standing.

The best way to relieve this pain is to take the pressure off the base of the spine. Without any medication, people can purchase a butt pillow (U-shaped pillows) which place the majority of a person’s weight on the hips and thighs without placing any on the base of the spine where those sensitive nerves are located. This treatment is amazingly simple, but often not used due to unawareness.

Final Thoughts

Dr. Oz addressed the main types of pain that plague people today and some easy and effective remedies available. For those that suffer from any of these pain sources, relief may be possible without taking any harsh or potentially dangerous medications.

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