Dr. Oz: Best Anti-Aging Products To Prevent Wrinkles!

Dr. Oz: Skin-Aging and Wrinkles Prevention (Internal & External Regimen)

beauty concept skin aging. anti-aging proceduresThere are marks in your skin that will effectively tell you your aging type. And if you pay attention to these signs, it will help you save your skin and maintain a youthful look no matter your age. Dr. Oz reveals three aging types of skin:

  • A wrinkler is where you have deep lines around your mouth and eyes,
  • A spotter means you have brown spots around your cheeks, and
  • A sagger is where you are sagging around the jaw line or around the eyes.

Your skin may have all of these but there is one that is dominant that you need to keep an eye on. To find your Aging type:

  • Look at Mom & Maternal Grandmother side by side
  • What’s the first thing you notice about their skin?
  • What does their skin have in common?

From this you can easily see the obvious aging type of your family.

1) “Wrinkler” Aging type

An anti-aging expert, Dr. Ellen Marmur, MD explains how you can manage your wrinkles while still young. She is a dermatologist specializing in personalizing skin solutions. So, for the wrinkle type, here is her advice:

Application: Use a half-dollar size amount enough to over your whole face.

Extra Tips: Use moisturizer and sunscreen together. Have yourself a great sleep habit, great exercise and eating habits.

  • Use Retinol serum (vitamin A). Retinol with vitA are now better than ever. Before, you only use them at night, but now you can use them during the day or night.

Application: Use a small amount in your hand. Make little polka-dots around your face and rub it in evenly.

  • You can use growth factors because they help nourish skin from the outside-in. Growth factors are like chicken broth for the skin. They help skin get that dewy glow especially when skin feels dry, wrinkly and sad, mostly during winter.

Dr. Marmur further explains that we often apply cream on our face the wrong way. We use the big finger and sheer around really fast, or we apply cream only under the eyes. She demonstrates the right way of applying cream around the eyes. You put some cream on your hand, use your pinky finger, then make tiny dots around your eye and rub in gently with that pinky finger. Then rub all around the whole eye: both upper and lower eye in a circular motion.

2) “Spotter” Aging type

Another skin specialist spoke about the second aging type: spotter. Dr. Janine Downy said that the marks to look out for are dark spots on skin from hyperpigmentation and melasma. This is where spots appear on your cheeks, bridge of your nose, forehead, and other body parts like the forearms and neck. So, for spotters, her personalized solution is:

Application: Use a pea-size amount, spread it all over the face including under the eyes.

Retinoids build collagen and even out your skin tone.

Application: Use sunscreen rain or shine, from January to December, and it doesn’t matter what your aging skin type is, but this is especially important for spotters.

3) “Sagger” Aging type

In this portion, plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn explains that it is not only genetics that affect aging in the face. Studies show that poor diet, pollution, and bad habits like smoking cause skin to age faster and sag quicker. Genetics does play a big role in how skin sags as you get older, and surely you can’t change your genetics or parents, but there are steps you can take to slow down the progression of sagging skin. You don’t have to get surgery to prevent or decrease sagging.

  • Use Peptide creams (Pamitoyl Oligopeptide or Palmitoyl Pentapeptide). Apply this cream 2 times a day.

Dr. Youn says that, “Peptides are tiny proteins that are cellular signals. They signal your skin to create new collagens. Skin is composed of collagens in tightly-packed fibers. I describe it as logs of a log cabin. As we age, those fibers sag and become haphazard. When haphazard, they fall apart and skin starts to sag.”

  • To maximize the impact of these peptides, use a facial scrub. But since it can be expensive when you buy scrubs at the store, you can make a Do-It-Yourself exfoliating scrub.
DIY Exfoliating Scrub:

  • 1Tbsp Baking soda
  • 1/2 teaspoon honey
  • 1/4 Cup gently warmed milk
  • Mix together.

Application: First, rinse your face with warm water. Then apply onto skin and it will gently exfoliate skin. Don’t exfoliate everyday as it may be too aggressive for skin.

Benefits: It makes skin feel smoother and tighter. And after exfoliation, where the first layer of dead skin is removed, peptide cream can have better and deeper penetration in your skin. This way, peptide is absorbed more and so your skin cells create more collagens.

Food Affects Your Skin

­In another segment of the show, naturopathic physician Dr. Karuna Sabnani reveals anti-aging food that will strengthen skin. She says that food is as important as what you apply on your face, because skin is the mirror for what’s going on in your body. Just like what you put on the outside of your skin, you want foods with high antioxidant properties, vitamin C and have hydrating qualities. The following are foods specifically categorized for different skin types.

A) Food for the Wrinkler skin type

Wrinkle repair salad helps plump out skin and ease the wrinkles. The ingredients you can use in your salad are: cucumber, romaine, lettuce and celery.

B) Food for the Spotter skin type

Pomegranate has high and powerful anti-oxidant qualities and is rich in vitamin C. This gives you UV protection from inside your body and this also helps strengthen the outer layer of skin to protect you from photo-aging. You can simply eat pomegranate and you can apply it topically on your skin.

The recipe for pomegranate paste is: few pomegranate seeds mix with 1/2 teaspoon lime juice.

Application: Put on your skin as mask 30 minutes before going to bed. Do not do this after you are out in the sun.

C) Food for the Sagger skin type

The best food for saggers is papaya because of its high vitC content which boosts collagen, and papane which is a digestive enzyme. Good digestion is important for healthy skin. We always say that what goes on inside the body is reflected on your skin.

Finally, Dr. Ginger Southall presents a generic solution to all skin types to maintain healthy and revitalized skin. Her Rainbow Juice Cleanse solution does marvels not only to your skin, but to your overall health. The Rainbow Juice is prepared based on color. She uses a mixture of fruits, vegetables, herbs and some spices as well to give your juice an extra kick.

  • REDS protect against heart diseases and cancer. Example: tomatoes, cherries, cranberries, watermelon, raspberries, strawberries, and red peppers
  • ORANGE or carotenoids boost immune system. Example: carrots, apricots, peaches, tangerines, and orange
  • YELLOWS are for eye health. Example: ginger, squash, yellow apples, banana, papaya, yellow peppers, pineapple, lemons and cauliflower
  • GREENS promote healthy cell functioning. Example: cucumbers, limes, kiwi, green pears, green apples, green grapes, celery, avocado and broccoli
  • PURPLE and BLUES (including blacks) boost memory and protect the brain. Example: eggplant, black berries, raisins, plums, purple grapes, purple cabbage, and blueberries

To get more recipes from the wide array of rainbow fruits & vegetables available to us, you can check out her book “The Rainbow Juice Cleanse” to have a step-by-step guide in making your own smoothies, juice, soups, sides and deserts at home.

Taking care of your skin does not only mean surface treatment. The whole idea is to be holistic and balanced. What you eat mostly does reflect on your skin. Not only those, your habits and daily activities also have a huge impact on skin aging. You can’t really blame it all on genetics, especially on your family’s aging skin type. Although it helps to see your family’s aging type, what’s more important is what you do today to give yourself a healthy, beautiful skin.

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