How Paula Deen Lost 35 Pounds in 4 Months?!

Dr. Oz and Paula DeenPaula Deen, the famous chef and star of her own show “Paula Deen Network”, is invited in Dr. Oz’s show to introduce classic recipes in their newer and healthier versions. Paula Deen’s personal health transformation has stirred inspiration and hope in so many whose main issue in achieving good health is a healthy diet. Everyone has a sad tale to tell about how their healthy diet regimen failed OR how bland and unsavory their diet recipes are. One way or another, their diet recipes did not serve its purpose.

In the show, Paula Deen explains that after her doctor told her she was diabetic, her choice of food was the foremost challenge she tackled head on. Her own menu makeover proved to be no easy feat at all. For the first four months, she threw out everything white from her kitchen: white bread, white rice, white potatoes and white pasta. And then, she lost 35 pounds from that. After her “no whites” food regimen, she got everything back to her kitchen, but this time she focused on “MODERATION, MODERATION, MODERATION.” She says, “when you eat a cookie, don’t eat six of ‘em”. You can still enjoy your normal, comfortable food but eat them in moderation. In addition, Dr. Oz explains that to alleviate their health issues and condition, he advises his patients to:

  1. “cut out white food,
  2. put your fork down and eat slower,
  3. be aware of what you’re doing,
  4. moderation and not hedonism.”

Paula Deen Menu Makeover

Menu make over is designed to help people change the way they prepare and eat their food without necessarily eliminating the good, classic taste of food. They can still have the fantastic recipes that they love.
Paula Deen has been making over her classic dishes in the past three years, making them healthier but just as delicious. For example, she has a healthy version of our famous Chicken Fried Steak with cream gravy. In making this classic recipe the usual way, your ingredients include a quarter of whole milk, butter milk and a large amount of oil. This classic version contains 889 calories and an equivalent of 55 grams of fat.

But, in the healthy version, you dip the chicken in egg white instead of buttermilk, and use only one-fourth cup of milk and low sodium chicken broth. With the new version of Chicken Fried Steak, the calories you get is only 339 cal and 17 grams of fat.

Paula Deen on How to Make a Healthy Tomato Pie:

Another illustration she showed is the preparation of healthy classic Tomato Pie. When cooking this recipe the usual way, you normally use large quantities of cheese and mayonnaise, which sums up to 437 calories and an equivalent of 37 grams of fat. But, Paula Deen uses a lighter recipe for her new crust. She also reduced the amount of cheese and mayonnaise. Instead, the main ingredient of her pie is tomato. In this healthy version, where she increased the quantity of tomato, you’ll get 207 calories only, with an equivalent of 14 grams of fat.

What Paula Deen’s trying to promote is that, dieting to become healthy does not have to be a terrible, flavorless experience. You can enjoy the food that you’ve always loved and still taste all its flavors and goodness, while at the same time stay healthy. Her personal story of health transformation offers hope to everyone who wants to succeed in their quest for healthy eating and healthy lifestyle. Her advice exactly is, “If you blow it today, you can start again tomorrow.” So, start looking at your kitchen and see what ingredients you can modify, keep and alter or replace. The next time you cook your favorite recipe, you can take small steps in changing the quantity of certain ingredients that may contain fats, and increase the amount of ingredients that are healthy. This way, you can still taste your comfort food without worrying about its adverse effect on your health.

In the end, nothing else could effectively sustain a healthy eating lifestyle than using your good old classic recipes in their healthy version. One other important ingredient to sustainable healthy diet is moderation. Try doing it the Paula Deen way, take small steps, and just like she says, “It’s amazing that little changes can render big results.”

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