Dr. Oz Responds To Criticism Of 10 Doctors Who Wanted To Fire Him?

dr. oz addresses his criticsIn an episode of Dr. Oz show, Dr. Mehmet Oz addresses criticism of 10 doctors who wrote a letter to Columbia University calling for him to be dismissed as the vice chairman of Columbia’s surgery department.

Dr. Oz fired back at his critics saying: ” I’ve long believed a doctor should never fight their battles or each other in public, but now i believe I MUST.

Many papers mistakenly claimed my own doctors rock to get me that’s just not true. These doctors are criticizing me providing treatments and cures in interest for personal financial gain; something i tell you everyday on this program, i never do. In addition, they say my baseless and relentless opposition to the genetic engineering a food crops, again it’s not true.

I have never judged GMO foods but just like 64 countries around the world, i support GMO labeling, so you can decide on the foods for your family. “

Dr. Oz continued to say that he wanted to know who these doctors really are, so he asked an investigative reporter Elisabeth Leamy to find out more about his critics, and she uncovered some private hidden connections.

(10 Doctors with one agenda but what you don’t know is that several of these doctors who signed the letter asking Columbia University to fire Doctor Oz have big ties have big ties to Big Industry)

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