Dr. Oz Reveals: Silent Heart Attack Symptoms + Risk Factors!

Silent Heart Attack symptomsCould you have a silent heart attack and not know it? Almost 1/3 of heart attack symptoms go unrecognized by you and often times your doctor!. It is called a Silent Heart Attack.

What is Silent Heart Attack?

Although heart attacks can attack virtually any gender without any choosing women are more vulnerable to heart attacks as compared to their male counterparts. Heart attacks can be really damaging and it is a known fact that delay in receiving treatment after suffering a heart attack will in most chances result to death. It is for this reason that there is a need to educate women about the general perception of heart attacks. In this insight we will only put emphasis on the silent heart attacks that are in some cases referred to as the whispering heart attacks.

Normally if you are having a heart attack, you should feel pain in your chest, neck and even in your left shoulder. But what if the pain goes away, it is a silent heart attack and you literally walk away completely unaware that your heart was suffering and struggling.

To give an example, Dr. Oz invited a 41 years old woman who was having a silent heart attack. She said she knew all the classic heart attack symptoms but she never had any of those symptoms or thought that she might have a heart attack. She said that for a couple of weeks, she didn’t feel well, at first she thought she had a flu because it was Winter but finally she called her doctor because she felt that things were getting worse. The doctor did her blood pressure, ran some tests and took chest x-rays. Finally the results showed that she was suffering a silent heart attack, she said that by the time she got to the hospital, they discovered that she had a 100% blockage.

Symptoms Of Silent Heart Attacks

  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Light-Headedness
  • Flu-like Symptoms

Unlike the normal heart attack experienced, Dr. Oz confirms that the silent heart attacks are not preceded by the classical symptoms which anyone commonly refers to as the signs and symptoms that one’s heart is not functioning well. It is therefore very important to note that you will not experience the normal symptoms such as breathing problems, chest pains, fatigue or even feeling generally unwell. Some of the symptoms you might experience are not even related to heart attack problems. Symptoms such as severe digestion problems might lead you to consuming stomach problem medication whereas in the real scenario you’ve just been hit by a silent heart attack. So women should be warned not to entirely depend on the classic symptoms for them to conclude that their hearts are functioning just fine.

Silent Heart Attack Risk Factors

These are the same risk factors for a classic heart attack:

  • High BP and Cholesterol
  • Overweight
  • Family History
  • Smoking
  • Diabetes

Dr. Oz’s guest on the show was Sonia Tolani, MD (Cardiologist), she explained that among other heart attack risk factors, Diabetes comes as the biggest silent heart attack risk factor. She pointed out that diabetics can have a heart attack and not have symptoms.

How To Prevent Silent Heart Attacks

In case you are wondering how you are going to solve the silent heart attack problems yet they have no finite symptoms, you should not worry any further. Since women are fond of assuming and ignoring the minor health issues the experience, you should make sure that as a woman you cease that habit. You should always make sure that you keep going for checkups whenever you feel generally unwell and your body feels rather week. Even when you visit the hospital for a check-up and you are diagnosed with a health problem that is not related to the heart problems, always make sure that you request your personal doctor to perform through checks on all your body parts the heart included. For instance one lady went for a check-up and she was diagnosed with a normal cold but the situation worsened rather than getting better. Had the doctor checked for heart issues, the situation would not have been so extreme.

Dr. Oz advices that women stop assuming and ignoring their small health issues they experience and start making sure that the always seek medical check-ups and advise whenever they feel like something unusual with their bodies. You should take the silent heart attack as a warning and make sure you prevent the actual heart attack from hitting you. Since there are no specific classic symptoms associated with the silent heart attacks, as a woman, you should not ignore any health situation that may make your body feel uncomfortable. If all women can be regular visitors of the clinic for general health checkups, then the level of heart attacks experienced on women will surely reduce in huge numbers.

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