Dr. Oz: Two Supplements Most People Should Take

The Most Important Supplements You’ve Never Heard Of

Julie Chen, MD. (an integrative medicine specialist) was invited onto the Dr. Oz show to discuss two supplements that most people have never heard of. In fact, most traditional doctors don’t know about these supplements even though research shows that they can heal inflammation, help you lose weight, and lower your blood sugar.

Chromium Polynicotinate Supplement

The first supplement is called Chromium Polynicotinate. Chromium is naturally found in whole-grains, vegetables, and meats, and is a trace mineral that is important in regulating and balancing blood sugars from ingested foods. Studies show that 90% of people are not currently getting enough chromium.

Chromium is important for insulin function, and not enough chromium means that hormone production is not functioning at optimum level. An imbalance in insulin (the hormone the body uses to regulate sugar) can lead to higher risk for heart disease, diabetes, weight gain, cholesterol, and fat. One third of the population has blood sugar that goes a bit high. Without enough chromium, when this happens, insulin levels go high and the sugar is absorbed into the body and stored as fat. This is often what we see in America. Using chromium stabilizes blood sugar and insulin levels, and causes the body to utilize the sugar for energy like it is meant to. This means the sugar can seep through the body, and the body won’t hold on to it and store it as fat.

There are three major reasons that it is important to take Chromium Polynicotinate supplement, rather than just trying to gain chromium through diet alone. Firstly, as we get older (30’s-50’s), our bodies tend to naturally absorb less necessary nutrients from the food that we eat. Unfortunately, chromium is one of the the nutrients that we become more deficient in. Secondly, is our high stress environments. We all live in high stress environments these days, and stress actually makes it more difficult for our bodies to absorb nutrients from the foods that we are eating. And lastly, is the high-sugar foods so commonly found in our diets. All these high-sugar foods that we are eating don’t have many nutrients, so there isn’t much to be absorbed from them. Then we when we do eat nutrient-rich foods, these get expelled through urine and stool, instead of being absorbed into the body.

Dr. Oz showed the audience two bowls and explained that they both started off exactly the same, but after processing were completely different. One bowl contained whole-grains, still in their husks. The other bowl contained bleached, processed, white flour. The outside shell of the whole-grain is good for us, and helps with bowel movements. The next and largest layer of the grain is mostly starch and contains few nutrients. The last layer, the inner seed, is called the endosperm. This is where the chromium is located, and during grain processing, it is taken out and thrown away.This is done because processing makes the grains have a longer shelf-life. Dr. Oz admits that this is a good decision business-wise, but it’s not ideal for health reasons.

Dr. Chen explains that when she gives chromium to diabetic patients (in addition to healthy diet and exercise), they are able to get down to a normal blood sugar range, from the pre-diabetes range. When a person is deficient in chromium, and they begin to use the supplement, it will help promote muscle gain and actually decrease fat by making the body’s process more efficient. This leads to faster weight loss that can be maintained for longer. At Dr. Chen’s clinic, she’s seen weight loss of up to 70lbs., over a period of months, from using chromium with diet and exercise.

Dr. Oz’s Guidelines for Buying Chromium Polynicotinate Supplement

– When purchasing the supplement, look specifically for Chromium Polynicotinate, as studies show this type is safer and more tolerated.
– Also, the polynicotinate is Niacin B3, so you get the added benefits from this as well.
– Recommended dosage is 200mcg per day, taken prior to meals, however, if you forget to take it then after meals is fine.
– Do not take with other supplements or medicines, as this will block absorption. In normal doses, it is rare to see side effects. Higher doses can cause nausea and skin rashes.

Considering all the above guidelines,You can safely Order Chromium Polynicotinate Online here

Make sure to ask your doctor if you are diabetic, as chromium will change how much insulin you need to take and so dosage may need to be changed.

DIM Supplement

The second supplement is DIM — a super anti-oxidant. Dr. Chen uses this supplement in her clinic to help patients naturally balance their hormones. It is seen as potentially beneficial to help with cancers, and testing has moved on from animal testing to human testing (final results are still pending).

DIM naturally comes from cruciferous vegetables, like broccoli, but you would actually need to eat two pounds of them a day, to get the recommended daily dosage. As our bodies get older, even aging and allergies can cause them to become inflamed and not absorb nutrients as well. Supplements are specifically made to be absorbed easier than the food alone. Recommended dosage is 100mg a day (for those of average weight and health) or 200mg a day (for those who have health issues or are overweight). Side effects from recommended doses are rarely seen.

Dr. Oz’s Guidelines for Buying Chromium Polynicotinate Supplement

– Look specifically for the DIM complex, and make sure that you purchase the capsule form, as these absorb better.
– Look for bioperine or black pepper on the label, this helps with further absorption. Putting black pepper on your cruciferous vegetables and healthy foods, like avocado, helps with absorption as well and doubles their benefit.
– Cooking with olive oil will also make this healthier.

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  1. my 15 year old daughter had been diagnosed with severe Costochondritis and now Fibromyalgia. i hate to see her at a young age in such pain at times and it has affected her schooling with memory, stress, and tennis which she loves to play. Dr OZ do you have any suggestion as to diet, nutrients(vitamins minerals) etc she can take to help her condition. Seems like local Physicians aren’t too progressive. Thanking to help would be greatly appreciated! Please HELP!my child.

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