Dr. Oz: You Might be Buying Dirty Used Underwear (Lingerie)!

Dr. Oz: How You Blindly Buy Used Underwear/Lingerie

Dr. Oz Buying Dirty Used UnderwearDr. Oz invites investigative correspondent Jeff Rossen of “THE TODAY SHOW” to talk about the retail stores’ dirty secret. They are selling used underwear that you may have already bought at one time or another without knowing it. He talks about how you can know if the lingerie you’re buying has been worn before.

He’s been investigating this commercial glitch for 4 years. They have actually embarrassed these stores in national TV and in NBC show 4 years ago, and today they’re doing a show called “We’re Back” because they want to see if their expose had made any difference. In the comeback show, they found that some stores they checked actually did stop doing it. But they were also shocked that some of these stores kept doing the exact same thing they did 4 years ago when they were first found out. They promised to educate their staff but this hasn’t happened. The store’s staff is supposedly the last line of defense from recycling to happen, but they haven’t come through. There is nobody policing this, and so there is really no one who ensures that recycling should NOT happen.

In conducting their investigations, they use hidden cameras to document what is really going on out there. It is going to be different if these stores saw them coming carrying their cameras. Afterwards they come back to the store with their complaint, and they have their video recording to show evidence of what they found. In that case, all of the stores admitted their offense.

Dr. Oz emphasizes that this is not only an issue of sanitation, but an issue of trust between apparel stores and their customers. He asked some people in the audience to get their reaction about recycling of used underwear. One says that she is appalled and disappointed. The other one says that she will be totally careful now, and she’d be looking for those black markers, or the two dots, when purchasing lingerie. She’s also thankful that now she knows where NOT to go when buying her lingerie.

Rossen continues to explain that with bathing suits it’s easier to tell if they were worn before. But with underwear, it is so much harder because even if it is recycled, they tag it the way they tag the brand new ones. With bathing suits, it’s easier because you can check the bikini lining. If the white strip of tape that’s protecting it isn’t there anymore, then it’s been ripped off and you know it is used already. When this happens, you can go to the management and ask them what’s going on. When you complain, this will sound an alarm that they are found out and they cannot fool the customers for much too long.

Why You Should Wash Your Lingerie After Buying?

Dr. Oz and Rossen emphasize the necessity of washing your lingerie after buying. In this kind of apparel, fickle matters get down in the fabric such as bacteria that can cause urinary tract infection. It is risky to share the body fluid that’s been deposited there by its previous user. So, don’t take that chance. The “gross” or “eeeww” factor alone should stop you from buying lingerie that you’re not sure of. In a larger picture, everyone should be wary of used apparels. Anything recycled that touches your skin, like T-shirts or a hat, isn’t hygienic. You never know if the person who used it before you has lice or skin disease. The key is: WASH anything that you buy before you use it.

Dirty Lingerie For Sale

Well, stores don’t really market their products that way, and you can get them also from shopping online.

TIPS to avoid buying used underwear:

  1. Buy a pre-packaged underwear.
    It is safe because it’s sealed, and that’s the way they made it in the factory. There is no factor of the staff mishandling them or making a mistake and accidentally taking them back on the store shelves.
  2. Wash your underwear in hot water.
    If you want to be extra careful, wash even the pre-packaged lingerie.

Next time you go buy your underwear or lingerie, you can make an informed choice whether to buy one in your favorite store and where best to go.

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