Dr Oz Show: Dr.Oz’s Calorie Cutting Challenge

The Dr. Oz show: Dr.Oz’s Calorie cutting challenge

Dr oz show: Dr Oz's Calorie cutting challenge

In this Episode, Doctor Oz has the best calories cutting recipes, he has come up with all star chefs to reveal their secrets on how to stay slim, Dr. Oz has also arranged a challenge for the best calories cutting recipe.

Dr.Oz’s Calorie cutting challenge

Manicotti Makeover, Bean Enchiladas and Chicken Fried Steak Remake

In Dr. Oz’s Calorie Cutting Challenge, Dr. Oz challenged the audience to prepare healthy delicious meals for his very first best Calories cutting Recipe Challenge. Dr. Oz has picked the best 3 competitors: Lynette, Trish and Monique to reveal their favorite healthy dishes.

On this challenge, judges: Gail Simmons, John Besh and Ming Tsai joined up with Dr. Oz to pick out the greatest most healthy recipe in Dr Oz’s Calorie Cutting Challenge. The judges were looking for the recipe that had low calories, good taste, had spices or herbs for the crunch factor as well as having a effective balance of delicious flavors.

Dr.Oz: Best Kitchen Gadgets To Cut Calories

Orka Multi Steamer

Research has shown that one of the most healthy methods of cooking is steaming. Steaming can help keep the necessary nutrients and vitamins in food without adding fats. Jennifer Jolly explains on of her best kitchen gadgets to cut calories which is the Orka Multi Steamer, Jennifer shows how easy it is to Use this multi steamer to cook an entire meal in the microwave. You can put Veggies in the bottom and protein on the top, then put it in the microwave for only 6 mins to have fresh healthy meal, so you get super healthy meals with non of the fats. Orka Multi Steamer is Made of 100% pure quality silicone, easy to use and it is 430 F heat safe and also is a microwave and dish-washer safe.

Bagel Whizz

Dr Oz knows you like that doughy thick bread from your bagel very first thing each morning. Fortunately, there’s a kitchen gadget that will help you enjoy your tasty bagel with 1 / 2 the fat and calories. Jennifer Jolly introduces the Bagel Whiz. a super easy to use and will take only min’s.  Using the rotator, scoop out the center of the bagel, then the center will come out and there you are, a bagel with a lot less fats and calories!

Healthy Steps Starch Serving Spoon

DR Oz show Healthy steps starch serving spoon

Dr Oz is aware that most of us have some weakness with regard to rice and mashed potatoes, however the good news is, Jennifer has got another good gadget to help you perfect your portions, it is called the Healthy Steps Starch Serving Spoon, this isn’t just like any other spoon but it can easily help you keep track of all your portions. This Spoon takes the guess work out of exactly how much is a serving, which simply means much less counting plus more healthy eating!

Count Me Healthy Bracelet

Jennifer has shown Dr. Oz her hidden calories cutting gadget in the shape of beautiful bracelet, which is called Count Me Healthy Bracelet. You wear on your hand, it will help you keep track of all your fitness goals. You can use it to compute exactly how much water you drank, how much sugar or candy you had through the day, how many flights of stairs you climbed..etc. and best of all is that No one will know you are tracking your health with it because the Count Me Healthy bracelet looks just like a fashion bracelet. You can stack them up to keep track of several weight-loss goals with these great pieces of jewelery.

Dr.Oz: Skinny Secrets From America’s Top Chefs

Did you Ever ask how a chefs are able to stay slim around all of that food? Doctor Oz is joined by top America’s chefs, Ming Tsai, Gail Simmons and John Besh to reveal their secrets on how to control your weight, even when you’re surrounded by delicious foods. Discover the best skinny secrets to help you lose weight.

Ming Tsai’s skinny secret: Sambal Oelek Red Chili Sauce

Sambal Oelek is made of chilies with no other additives such as garlic or spices for a more simpler taste. Use this sauce to add heat to a dish without altering the other delicate flavors.

Ming Tsai’s skinny secret: Wakame salad

This is the Chinese version of the popular Japanese wakame salad. Enjoyed as an appetiser particularly by the coastal Chinese, wakame is extremely nutritious and is perfect with vinegary dressings.

Gail Simmons’ skinny secret: Banana nut popcorn

Do you love Popcorns! Gail has a secret for preparing healthy Popcorns, she wanted it to be like snacks without much fats or calories. Get  Gail’s Banana nut Popcorn Recipe here

Gail Simmons’ skinny secret: Spiral vegetable slicer

Gail shows one of her favorite kitchen gadgets, the spiral vegetable slicer, it can be used for many different things, if you want to make your vegetables really thin, it is great for making salads, for making pasta or for a quick vegetables saute. it is a very simple and easy to use.

John Besh’s skinny secret: Agave Nectar, Avocado Oil, Hazelnut oil

John got the best skinny BBQ Sauce, John recommend using Agave Nectar as well as the Avocado oil and Hazelnut Oil as these can all add up to a good flavor and healthy salad dressings.

Dr.Oz: The Frozen Yogurt

If You are eating healthy and you still can’t lose weight, Your frozen yogurt could be the reason. Doctor Oz uncovers the truth about frozen yogurt with Samantha Heller.
Samantha gave some great tips on how to lose calories and keep your favorite flavor of frozen treat.

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