Dr. Oz’s Detox Juice Cleanse To Change Your Life

Dr. Oz’s New 3-Day Weekend Cleanse

Dr. Oz and Mr. Joe Cross Cleanse Diet Recipe

Joe Cross is an Australian businessman who looked at himself in the mirror one day and realized that he was sick, fat, and nearly dead. He decided to do something about it, and it lead to him traveling across America with a juicer – and he drank only fresh juice for 60 days. A documentary was done, which followed his journey, and five months later, he had lost 100lbs. It transformed his health, and some say he started the juicing craze. Dr. Oz invited him onto the show to share his new 3-Day Weekend cleanse, that will improve your health in one weekend.

Mr. Cross suffered from a chronic auto-immune disease and was taking high doses of steroids every morning. He hit 40 and realized that he needed to make a change. He had turned his back on Mother Nature, and needed to turn back towards her and hope that he was embraced again. Through juicing, he was able to stop taking the medication and has been without it for over five years.

Why Mr. Joe Cross Diet Works?

Dr. Oz asked why he thought this diet worked when others did not. Mr. Cross responded that the diet sounds difficult, but is actually very easy – you just get up every morning and look for plants. Juicing allowed his cells to get what they needed and be nourished at the same time. We are constantly told to eat fruits and vegetables, but on a whole, we don’t. But with juicing, you make fruits and vegetables fun, and get them through rapid absorption. Also, you would have to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables to get the same amount of nutrients from just a single glass of juice.

Mr. Cross admitted that at the start of his juicing cleanse, he felt very unwell, as his body was detoxing; twenty years of damage was being repaired in a period of five months. Now, however, he genuinely loves fruits and vegetables. Dr. Oz points out that no doctor would actually recommend this type of regimen without the patient being under medical supervision, so Mr. Cross sought out the help of Dr. Fuhrman (a long-standing guest on the Dr. Oz Show).

How Juice Cleanse Diet works:

Dr. Oz asked Fuhrman how Mr. Cross was able to overcome a disease through a cleanse. Dr. Fuhrman explained that by stopping the ingestion of harmful foods, Mr. Cross’s body was able to begin the process of self-repair. By flooding his system with minerals, phyto-nutrients, and other nutrients, his body was able to detox and heal. All of the toxins we consume add up in our systems, and detoxing allows the body to work on repairing that damage.

There is some concern that juicing diets are under-nourishing to the body, and therefore not actually healthy. Dr. Fuhrman explained that some animals are able to live without certain nutrients for long periods of time, like a bear in hibernation. Humans are able to survive without certain types of nutrients for weeks at a time. This means that you can juice cleanse, and afterwards, go back to ingesting those other foods. However, a person should only be on a juice cleanse for three to five days before they need to seek medical supervision.

The Juice cleanse is safe, simple, and fast

you will drop pounds and boost your health in one weekend. Before starting, you should prepare by boosting your fluids for two days. Drink 16oz. of hot water with lemon and ginger every morning leading up to the cleanse. Make sure to eliminate dairy, processed foods, caffeine, meat and sugar. In the evenings, drink herbal tea, like chamomile, and only eat fruits, vegetables, and lean protein.

Mr. Joe Cross Juicing Cleanse:

Every day, for three days, drink five juices during the day and eat one lean meal of fruits and vegetables for your evening meal. Recipes can be found on the Dr. Oz Show website, but the suggested juices are as follows:

1st juice – Carrot, Apple, and Ginger (for energy)
2nd juice – Mean Green (kale, cucumber, celery, lemon, green apple)
3rd juice – Gazpacho juice (lunchtime)
4th juice – Citrus-inspired Green Juice (mid-afternoon)
5th juice – Sunset Blend

Alcohol should not be added to these juices, but can be consumed after the cleanse has been completed. Dinners should be fruits and vegetables, so that after five juices, you are actually excited about eating a salad. Smoothies generally have something added to them, like a dairy product, which is to be avoided on the cleanse, so make sure you use plain juice only.

Dr. Oz tested this cleanse on audience members prior to the show, and they confirmed that the cleanse made them feel great, the juices were pleasant, and they lost 4-5lbs. in the one weekend. Other guests on the show had lost 80-120lbs. on juicing diets, and they gave a couple of tips:

* If you are scared of being hungry throughout the cleanse, add half an avocado and a handful of ice to your shake and mix in a blender. This will make the juice thicker and add fatty acids to keep you feeling satisfied throughout the day.

* The flavor of a juice can be changed by adding something strong in flavor like cinnamon, pink salt, or hot sauce.

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