Dr. Oz’s Green Coffee Bean Extract – Fat Burner or Fraud?

Dr. Oz's Green coffee bean extractDr. Mehmet Oz started his new season show by testing the Green Coffee Bean Extract fat burning supplement on A 100 women to see if it really worth it. He also revealed the shocking facts about the weight-loss companies that abuse Dr. Oz’s name to make you buy their products.

For the first time Dr. Oz is going to do his own study and experiment on the green coffee bean extract to see if it’s really worth all the hype or it is a fraud product for weight loss. Continue reading to see the final experiment results!

What is Green Coffee Bean Extract?

It is simply a supplement that helps you burn fats faster, it works best when it is in the green form, its fats burning properties are destroying when the beans get roasted to make a coffee that you drink so you can’t get it from the coffee itself.

How the Green Coffee Bean Extract works? Is it the Caffeine?

No, It isn’t the caffeine because this supplement is nearly caffeine-Free. There are antioxidants in the green coffee bean extract that melt your fat away.

How much weight would you lose by taking Green Coffee Bean Extract?

To find out that, Dr. Oz has designed an experiment, it is the first of its kind ever Tv experiment. Dr. Oz let the audience of his show (nearly a 100 persons) to participate in this tv experiment and to get the signs right, Dr. Oz has teamed up with the best weight loss specialist and nutritionist in the field: Dr. Caroline Apovian and Dr. Kristen Kirkpatrick.

What is the Criteria for Participants in Dr. Oz’s tv experiment?

Dr. Oz and Dr. Caroline Apovian have chosen Women between the ages of 35 and 49, those who have BMI (Body mass index) of 25 and 45.
and In order to prevent people from having any medical problems, they Have chosen women with:

  • No history of Diabetes
  • No history of heart attack or stroke.
  • No pregnancy or Breast feeding

The Experiment has been done on two group of people (the group who will actually take the Green coffee bean extract pills and the group who won’t). The two groups have been chosen to be as much similar as possible so that it is easier to test the effect of green coffee bean extract.

Dr. Oz and Dr. Kristen Kirkpatrick wanted to make sure that the individuals’ weight loss was attributed to the the green coffee bean extract and wasn’t attributed to other factor in their diet, so they didn’t ask people to change anything in their daily diet or change what they’re eating, so that they can clearly test the Green coffee supplement.

How did Dr. Oz’s Tv Experiment go?

With the entire Dr. Oz show audience, specially chosen and cleared to participate.

First, Fine Bean coffee extract has been used in its pure form.
Half of the audience received a green coffee bean extract, the other half received a fake green coffee bean extract in the same bottle. So no one could know which one is the real Coffee supplement.

Second, Each participant received instructions on how and when to take the pills and a link to regular mandatory food law but without changing any of their daily diet.

Third, Before each participant take the first pill, Dr. Oz’s medical team recorded 30 of the women’s starting weight, waist size,  blood pressure and heart rate. For 2 weeks, Dr. Oz team has followed their testers with their documented daily routine.

So, Did the Green Coffee Bean Extract work?

Dr. Oz’s Tv experiment results were as follows:
Total weight loss: 123 lbs
Pounds lost on Green Bean coffee extract: 81.5 lbs
Pounds lost on Placebo: 41.5 lbs

The Green Coffee Bean extract dosage taken: 400 MG, 3x A Day, 30 minutes before each meal

Watch Green Coffee Bean Extract Review on ABC News:

The Bottom Line here:

Green coffee Bean Extract works for us, the audience who have used it have lost an average of 2 pounds in 2 weeks, according to experts it is safe and healthy to lose such weight in that amount of time frame.

(Green Coffee + Food logs = Double Weight loss)

Who is  Green Coffee Bean Extract wrong for?

– Pregnant or Breast feeding women
– Young People under the Age of 18

Here is the catch: Not all the Green coffee Bean extract are created equal, there are only some kinds that you should take that are really recommended by Dr. Oz

Dr. Oz’s Guide lines for Buying Green Coffee Bean Extract

– Look for SVETOL or GSA, these worth alone that your Green Coffee Product is pure
– Contain at least 45% Chlorogenic acid
– Dosage= 400 MG, 3 x Per day
– 30 Day supply costs $30, if that is too much, the free option is a food Journal

Considering all the above guidelines, safely Order Green Coffee Bean Extract online here

Evolution Slimming

Backed by 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

(Contains 50 % Chlorogenic acid, No Binders, No Fillers and No Artificial ingredients)

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  1. My husband and I purchased numerous bottles of green coffee weight loss pills based on Dr.OZ’s TV program. This was a mistake. We are retired military and do not have a lot of extra money to waste. After a month we did not loose a single pound between us. What a rip off. I would like to know how to return and get a refund on the unopened bottles.

    • Dear Diana, It seems that you didn’t buy the effective green coffee bean extract that match Dr. Oz’s guidelines. Dr. Oz has revealed the truth that not all the green coffee weight loss pills are effective, and many of the companies outthere have abused his name inorder to make you buy their green coffee products. Please consider the guide lines mentioned above before buying your green coffee bean extract product. where did you buy your green coffee pills from? I’ll try to help you get a refund.

  2. I have now been on 100% all natura Green Coffee Bseen Extract for 2 weeks now, have not lost a pound. I take pain pills at times, would that interfere with progress.

  3. Carl-Carolyn Tepker

    Love Dr. Oz Find the Show agreat way to learn more about my Health.

  4. Dr. Oz I live in Liberia, a tiny country in West Africa and I am thinking how can I get Green Coffee Bean Extract?

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