Dr. Oz’s Healthy Detoxing Recipes

Dr. Oz’s Holiday Detoxing Plan

Healthy detox RecipesThe first step in the holiday detoxing process is getting rid of water retention and bloating. One quick and delicious way to accomplish this is to sip on a glass of Dr. Oz’s fruity-tasting Fast Flush Water.

1) Dr. Oz’s Fast Flush Water!

To make this potent potable, blend three cups of melon with two cups of water and one cup of coconut water. The type of melon doesn’t matter; just chose the one you like best. Melons are made up of 92% water and that, coupled with the potassium-rich coconut water will help flush the water weight from your system.

Five cups a day of this refreshing, fruity-tasting drink is all it takes to rid your body of that excessive water weight. However, if you’re taking a diuretic, be sure to consult your physician first.

Holiday Detox Fast Flush Water Recipe:


1 cup of coconut water2 cups of water3 cups of any type of melon


Blend all the ingredients in blender ans serve.

2) Oatmeal and Peanut Butter Breakfast

After stuffing yourself like a turkey over the holidays, it’s time to counter that excess bloat with a bloat-busting, oatmeal and peanut butter breakfast. As a natural diuretic, oatmeal will help release some of the water your body has retained over the holidays, while the peanut butter is packed with niacin, a B-vitamin that promotes healthy digestion.

3) Low-Glycemic Lentil Soup

After gorging on foods over the holidays that are hard to digest, why not give your digestive system a break by enjoying a bowl of delicious, easily-digestible lentil soup. In addition to being easy on your digestive tract, lentils are a low glycemic that can help keep your blood sugar at bay. Dr. Oz’s favorite lentil soup is made with chicken broth, onions, and tomatoes and celery. If you’d like, you can substitute these ingredients with a can of 300 calorie soup. It’ll save on cooking time.


1 cup lentils
3 cups chicken broth
Half an onion
1 cup tomatoes
Half cup celery


In a pot, add all ingredients and stir on medium heat until well-heated and serve.

4) Healthy Cabbage Salad Dinner

Believe it or not, your favorite holiday foods may not be conducive to healthy digestion. Most of them heavy and low fiber, so they clog up the digestive tract. To remedy the situation, why not fix yourself a healthy, high-fiber cabbage salad for dinner. The fiber in this delicious will promote digestion and clean out your digestive tract.

Healthy Cabbage Salad Dinner Recipe:


Cups purple cabbage
Chicken breast
1 oz. pumpkin seeds
1 orange
3 tsp. olive oil


Cut chicken into small pieces, add ingredients and Serve.

5) Chocolate Tea

Chocolate lovers! Bet you didn’t know that the chocolate you’ve been enjoying over the holidays was good for you? Well, it is. And now it’s even better: Chocolate teas are now here and this smooth, decadent-tasting delight’s metabolism-boosting properties can help curb your appetite for other sweets while detoxing your body.

Dr. Oz’s 2 Day Holiday Detox

Fast Flush water A day (5 cups A Day)

3 Cups Melon
1 Cup coconut water
2 Cups water

Breakfast: Peanut Butter Oatmeal

1 Packet plain Patmeal
2 Tbsp Peanut Butter

Lunch: Low Glycemic Lentil Soup

1 Cup lentils
3 Cups of Chicken Broth
1/2 Onion
1 cup Tomatoes
1/2 Cup Celery

If you stick to this simple plan for two days, you will be able to enjoy all those other holiday goodies without feeling guilty. This simple plan can help you get rid of bloat, regulate blood sugar, regulate digestion and energize your metabolism. You’ll be amazed how rejuvenated you feel after you try this plan. you’ll feel lighter and healthier after you’ve flush the excess water from your system. in addition, the lack of excess solid waste your body usually retains after eating low-fiber foods will make you feel so light you’ll think you’re floating on air. So what are you waiting for? Download Dr. Oz’s 2-Day Holiday Detox here.

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