Dr. Oz: The Low-Enzyme Test Sheet

Do You Have Enough Enzymes In Your Gut?

Dr. Oz has developed a test to help you check the enzymes levels in your gut, this test will reveal if your enzyme levels are enough to prevent diseases or if they are dangerously low. This self check can help you know what’s your enzyme levels based on symptom types. If you have Three symptoms, it’s normal, but if you have six or more, then this may be concerning.

Dr. Oz’s Low Enzyme Test:

This test can help discover if your enzyme levels are severely low.

DIGESTIVE SYMPTOMS: check off all that apply
Bloatingcheck box Constipationcheck box
Diarrheacheck box Floating stoolcheck box
PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS: check off all that apply
Dull skincheck box Rashescheck box
Hair thinning/losscheck box Weak nailscheck box
MIND & MOOD SYMPTOMS: check off all that apply
Fatiguecheck box Insomniacheck box
Headachescheck box Mood swingscheck box

Download/Print the Low-Enzyme Test sheet here

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