Dr. Oz’s Natural Anti-aging Breakthroughs: Collagen, Vitamin B3, Bearberry And Epsom Salt!

Dr. Oz's Natural Anti-aging BreakthroughsAging is a natural process that takes away the beauty of youth. However, with the right attitude and the Dr. Oz anti-aging guide it is possible to reverse this natural process. There are a number of natural and inexpensive solutions that one can try courtesy of this guide. Sharon Giese, MD (cosmetic plastic surgeon) was a guest on Dr. Oz show and she revealed the breakthroughs that can help you look young naturally  without plastic surgery.

1. Getting rid of Wrinkles with Vitamin B3

The vitamin B3 cream is like Botox in a bottle. The vitamin improves blood flow and thus making the skin look softer and without wrinkles. Like all other anti-aging solutions featured on the guide, Vitamin B3 is a natural solution that is both inexpensive and chemical free.

It is therefore advisable to apply creams that have vitamin B3 in them. Locating such creams is easy and all one needs to do is look out for either niacin or niacinamide on a cream’s label. The vitamin B3 cream should be applied on the face and neck twice a day (use morning and night).  The results will become visible after just four weeks.

2. Bearberry Extract for Age Spots

The bearberry extract serum is another inexpensive and natural anti-aging solution from the Dr. Oz anti-aging guide. The extract is used to remedy the age old problem of age spots. These are spots that appear mostly on women’s age due to age.

The age spots are usually as a result of melanin production. Thus to get rid of these spots, bearberry extract slow down the production of melanin by skin cells and thus preventing the appearance of age spots on the face. Creams that have bearberry extracts will have the name on the ingredients label, alternatively some labels may feature the name arbutin. The extract should be applied for six consecutive weeks before results can become visible (apply before moisturizer and use every evening). According to Dr. Oz it takes time for the age spots to appear, thus it also takes time for them to disappear.

3. Epsom Salt for Bloating and Shrinking Unwanted Inches

Weight gain is another negative result of the natural aging process. To combat weight gain, dr. oz recommends an Epsom salt bath. Also known as Magnesium sulfate, Epsom salt helps in weight loss by drawing out toxins and excess fluids particularly around the thighs and the waist. A ten minute Epsom salt bath will go along way in combating weight gain. Such a bath has the potential of reducing one’s weight by an inch per ever ten minutes. The Epsom salt bath serves two purposes, one it helps in weight loss and second helps in elimination of skin toxins.

An Epsom salt bath can prepare by adding two cups of Epsom salt in to the warm bath water. The second step is to soak in the water for ten minutes. This should be done for three weeks.

Dr. Oz: More Anti-aging Solutions Using Pills

According to dermatologist Tess Mauricio, who was featured on the Dr. Oz show on anti-aging solutions. Lipowheat is also one of the capsules recommended for wrinkles. Taking 350grams of Lipowheat every morning helps in protecting the skin from the elements and environmental hazards. Oral Hydrolysed collagen is another anti-aging solution that works wonders. Applying collagen orally has been proven to revitalize hair and nails at the same time enhancing bone and joint health. 2,00mg of the collagen should be applied orally in the morning before breakfast. Click here for more Anti-aging Pills.

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