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Dr. Oz’s Simple 3-Step Plan To Gain Better Heart Health

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Dr. Oz show and Heart Health Monthdr-ozs-3-step-plan-better-heart-health

It’s February and February is heart health month. On a recent segment of the Dr. Oz show the focus was on giving his audience and viewers a plan to turn the health of their hearts around. Dr. Oz partnered with Walgreens to create a simple 3-step plan to gain better heart health starting this month. All that’s needed is a few easy and inexpensive tools to help detect and prevent heart disease.

Dr. Oz and Walgreens pharmacist Stacia Woodcock discuss a 3 step plan to improve heart health in detail and how a pharmacist can assist you with taking care of your heart.

How A Pharmacist Can Help Take Care Of Your Heart

A pharmacist is an easily accessible expert healthcare professional that is willing to give valuable advice, information and direction on what to do to obtain and maintain a healthy heart just by asking them for their assistance and recommendations.
Pharmacists can give advice about the prescriptions you take for your heart. When you tell your pharmacist what prescriptions and supplements you are taking for your heart they will be able to recommend over-the-counter heart healthy supplements you can also take safely without any drug interaction.

The 3-Step Plan to Better Heart Health

Step #1: Four supplements to reduce the risk of heart disease

Everyone and especially women should take 4 supplements to reduce the risk of heart disease. There are many many supplements readily available for purchase, but the best 4 supplements are Co Q-10, Fish oilFiber and low dose aspirin.

The dosage amount is extremely important to get right in order for the supplements to be helpful to your heart health.

The dosage amounts are: Co Q-10 = 100 mg, 2 times per day, Fish Oil = 600 mg of DHA (Docosahexaneoic acid), you can find the mg strength on the back of the bottle, Fiber = 25 grams a day by consuming fiber rich whole foods (which should be easy to reach daily through proper food choices but if necessary you can supplement your fiber intake by adding an over-the-counter fiber supplement to reach the proper daily dosage of 25 grams), Aspirin= 281 mg tablets per day. These simple interventions can significantly lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and prevent a heart attack.

Step #2: Get a free blood pressure test.

During the month of February all Walgreens pharmacists and Take Care clinic providers are offering free blood pressure testing at all 8000 locations across the country. Knowing your blood pressure numbers is very important and a blood pressure test is the easiest test you can have done that will give a good indication of the health of your heart. Walgreens is donating $1 to the American Heart Association for every blood pressure test done at their pharmacy locations during February Heart Health Month as an added incentive to have the test done in this month.

Step #3: Get a customized heart health assessment.

Using a exciting tool from the American Heart Association called “My Life Check” that gives you an assessment of your heart’s health by measuring 7 measurement numbers of your blood pressure, blood cholesterol, blood sugar, smoking status, weight, physical activity, and diet. After inputting the measurement data numbers, you get your heart health score of a number between 1-10 that tells the story of your heart’s current health condition, 1 being the lowest score which is not a good number as a result and 10 which is the best number result to receive. If you get below a 10 result, the “My Life Check” assessment tool will give you the information needed to bring your assessment number up and hopefully resulting in a 10 eventually using the recommendations from the assessment. You can go to My life check tool by clicking here

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