Dr. Oz’s Underwear Test: To Determine Your Health State!

What can your underwear reveal about your health state? Dr. Oz created an “underwear test“, he asked his entire audience to bring a pair of underwear with them to the show, he welcomed Dr. Keri Peterson (women health’s magazine) to reveal what can your underwear reveal about your health state. Watch this video as Dr. Oz explains what are the most important 5 questions you should ask about your underwear, what are the warnings signs and answers to the common conditions.

Dr. Oz’s Underwear Test:

Dr. Oz’s – 5 Questions – Underwear Test:

1. Did Your Underwear have less Elasticity than when you bought it?

Your answer should be No, if your answer is Yes, that means you’ve gained weight since the time you bought that underwear.

2. Is the Backside more than 3-inches Wide? (Women Only)

dr. Oz underwear testGuys don’t have to check, it’s only for women. Your answer should be Yes.
Dr. Keri explained that thongs can spread bacteria and may cause vaginal infections, the issue is that the material comes in contact with the rectum, the bacteria on the rectal area can spread onto the material and make its way forward towards the vaginal area to the urethra, then up to the bladder causing infections.

Dr. Keri said that wearing thongs are ok, but for extra security she recommends that women wear regular underwear at least once per week.

3. Is Your Underwear Too Tight?

The answer should be No, too tight underwear can compress your stomach and that can cause acid reflux and uncomfortable health issues. The leg opening should be snug but not too tight.

4. Does Your Underwear Have Static Clings?

The answer should be No, when you have static clings it can aggravate the skin, the fabric can cause friction on the skin which can lead to irritation and dryness. Fabric softener should help with that problem.

5. Does You Underwear Have any Yellow Stains On The Backside?

Obviously the answer should be No, yellow stains are usually caused by internal Hemorrhoids, you won’t see them or feel them but they will cause that yellow stains, that can be treated by using Sitz Bath.

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