Dr. Oz’s Weight-Loss Tips for Non-Dieters

Dr. Oz’s Weight loss TRICKS For Your Body Type

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Everywhere that Dr. Oz goes, he has people wanting to share their weight-loss secrets with him; tips like taking the stairs, drinking water, drinking green tea, eating your greens, and eating sandwiches without the bread. He pulled together over a dozen tips for an episode of the Dr. Oz show, that work for every body type.

Slicing up your food

Research shows that people will eat 25% less food if they slice it up prior to putting it on their plate. The portion looks bigger, and sends a message to your brain that visually tricks it into thinking you’re eating more. It also slows your food intake. A weight loss of about a pound a week is possible.

Barley breakfast

Barley is known to satisfy hunger cravings, and one serving has six grams of fiber. Every once in a while, have barley instead of oatmeal. It won’t spike your blood sugar levels, and you will feel full for longer (thus, skipping a morning snack). This will save you around 300 calories per day. Make sure to buy hulled barley, rather than pearl barley, as it is less processed and has more nutrients.

Replace fatty foods

Actress Valerie Bertinelli suggests replacing fatty foods like pizza with salmon, quinoa, and string beans. This can lead to a weight loss of up to three pounds a week.

Pickled vegetables

Vinegar controls blood sugar levels and reduces the amount of insulin that is released into the body. Lower insulin levels lead to fewer cravings, and healthy vegetables mixed with vinegar means a double benefit. Traci Mitchell (a nutrition and fitness expert) recommends one to two servings of pickled vegetables before your meal. As well as cucumbers, other pickled vegetables include: tomatoes, red cabbage, and asparagus. Vinegar provides diluted acetic acid, which helps the body handle sugars and starchy foods. Apple cider vinegar can also be used this way.

Daily Metamucil

Have one glass of Metamucil, thirty minutes before every meal. The recommended dose is 7 g daily, split over three 8 oz. glasses of water. Metamucil is psyllium fiber, so it will reduce the amount of food you eat by giving your body time to think you are full.

Hot soup at meals

Dr. Oz’s guest lost 155 lbs. by having hot soup (clear broth type) with every lunch and dinner. This will cut down how much you eat by 20%.

Cheese and vegetables

By having low fat cheese with your favorite vegetables, you can reduce snack consumption by 72%. This can cut down the normal 600 calories of snack food in a day by half. This provides ample protein and calcium, and can lead to a pound of weight loss weekly.

Skinny glasses

Ask for a skinny glass when ordering every drink, and you will drink around 3 oz. less per drink. For a glass of red wine, that can mean 75 calories less per glass.

Order the kids’ meal

Dr. Oz’s guest was able to lose 57 lbs. in five months by using this method. An adult cheeseburger has around 710 calories, but the kids’ cheeseburger only has 290 calories. This is a difference of 420 calories per meal. Smaller portions also mean no leftovers.

Morning carbs

People like having carbohydrates in the morning, and eating them before noon means that your body has time to burn the calories throughout the rest of the day. Studies show that having some carbohydrates in the morning makes us happier, and the serotonin levels mean we stay on diets longer. Healthy carbohydrate foods include: whole-grain muffins, whole-grain cereals, and steel-cut oats. This tip can lead to a weight loss of two pounds a week.

Rooibos tea

Rooibos tea is a naturally sweet red tea that reduces food cravings. Replace sugary drinks with a cup of tea and you can lose around a pound a week. It can be drunk hot or cold, and is available at most supermarkets.

Vanilla scents

Burn vanilla-scented candles before you eat, or wear vanilla-scented lotion, and you will decrease sugar cravings over time.

Brush your teeth

Brushing your teeth after every meal will signal to your brain that you are done eating. Peppermint flavor is the best option.

Veggie lasagne

Jennifer Hudson replaces the pasta in veggie lasagne with eggplant or zucchini.

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