How to Control and Treat Your Diabetes for life

How to control and treat diabetes

Control your Diabetes:

Based on the National Institution of Health (NIH), A good control of glucose can lowers the side effects of diabetes by around 60 %. Over the past few years, Treating diabetes has improved significantly specially in terms of glucose monitoring.

Adult diabetes is most likely caused by excess weight and a bad diet. For most people it could be treated by good nutrition and exercise, by Understanding how to treat your diabetes, you can save your life and make it more enjoyable.

Things you should do to Treat your Diabetes:

1) Keep an eye on your blood sugar level regularly and monitor it. Change in your medicine, diet and exercise plan can be made accordingly.
2) Monitor your blood, Mostly blood is monitored before you eat and at night time so stay with the standard monitoring protocol prescribed by your doctor. A good blood glucose monitoring system to use is the Bayer Contour monitor.
3) Apply blood testing, during the past urine tests was more usual but blood is a lot more accurate, there are also some frequent new ways and improvements being added to the blood test.
4) Take your prescribed medication, whether it be a blood insulin or an oral medicine.
5) Establish an individual diet plan that you’ll stick to and stay with this plan, you can try new food recipes but you should notice how they will affect you.
6) Follow a healthy diet as prescribed by your doctor, normally the standard proper diet for a diabetic person consists of a lot of fruit and vegetables. Each of your meal should has no less than 50 % of vegetables, 25 % of whole grain products like brown rice, wholegrain pasta, wholegrain breads and 25 % of low saturated fats meat such as fish, turkey, chicken or tofu and don’t forget to Drink lots of water every day.
7) Eat carbohydrates that has a good amount of minerals, vitamins and fibers like fruit and vegetables. Keep sugary & sweet foods Only for special occasions or events.
8) Reduce your weight if you’re over weight, Weight loss Plays an important rule in your treatment plan. Most people are can reduce the amount of medication needed or even stop taking it initially once they take their weight off.
9) If you couldn’t keep your blood sugar under control, you should Ask a doctor  and see if there are any modifications in your program necessary.

Diabetes Tip:

Before people acquire diabetes type 2, they usually have “pre-diabetes” blood sugar levels which are very high and not high enough to be discovered as diabetes. Recent Studies have found that the long term body damage specially the heart and the blood circulation system might occur during pre-diabetes. However the good news is there are actually actions to take to avoid or delay the increase of diabetes type 2. You can learn more about Diabetes and how to avoid it in this book: Diabetes Problem Solver.

Maintaining a healthy diet and doing exercises can stop adult Diabetes type 2. Start changing and improving your health today, If you don’t change it, your diabetes might get even worse.

Is there a cure for Diabetes?

Right now the one real cure for diabetes is to have pancreas transplant. But this cure is only done for those who have blood insulin dependent diabetes and who have serious troubles. For most diabetics, it can just be well controlled through prescribed medication and a proper diet and exercise.

If you are a diabetic or you’re having a specific health conditions or questions, we highly recommend you Ask a Doctor online here. The information provided isn’t meant to be as an alternative for specialized medical advice.

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