Dr. Oz: How To Eliminate Belly Fat And Increase Metabolism!?

lose Belly Fat And Increase Metabolism So many people are concerned today about not being able to lose the fat from their bellies. Dr. Oz says in one of his recent shows that losing belly fat is not as hard as they may think. It seems that there are two kinds of fat in the human body: belly fay and other fats. There is a difference between these two and the first type is quite unique. The fat from the stomach is in fact the one that causes all the problems, with blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes. The difference can be demonstrated through the science of polymers.

Myth: Belly Fat Is the Hardest Fat to Lose

An experiment can be made with two substances that represent belly fat and other types of fat, as they have a texture that perfectly represents these two types of fat. If we mix each substance with a powder that represents healthy eating habits, the belly fat will become liquid. The other type of fat remained solid. This happens because the fat from your stomach can actually liquefy if you give it the right ingredients. Liz Vaccariello is a woman who has struggled for years to demonstrate that the difficulty of losing belly fat is just a myth. She was invited to the show of Dr. Oz to tell people how easy it is to lose belly fat if they do it the proper way.

Sit ups alone are never going to help people lose the fat from the abdomen. The correct way is boosting your metabolism. You can start doing this by walking 30 minutes a day, then you can increase by consuming some foods specifically meant to boost metabolism. An example can be to eat eggs with spicy salsa for breakfast. The proteins in the eggs and the salsa can do wonder for your metabolism.

Myth: High-Fat Foods Cause Belly Fat

In another experiment, a large cylindrical recipient made of glass represents the human belly. The recipient has some fat on its bottom. The purpose of the experiment is showing people how this fat evolves when people are eating a lot of sugar. From a small glass, the substance that represents sugar is poured into the large cylinder.

The results are funny, amazing and unbelievable at the same time. From the tiny mass on the bottom of the recipient, a large mass is developing, which gets out of the cylinder and even covers the table on which the recipient is placed. It literally takes over everything. This shows how much fat is developing when people eat lots of sugars. The sugar and the refined carbs are the factors that determine the problem.

Knowing this, people may wonder what the real solution is. Dr. Oz says that, instead of completely eliminating fats from the menu, people should only add the good fats. This process is shown in the experiment. A substance that represents the good fats is added to the developed mass and the mass is reduced a lot. It’s recommended to eat healthy fats like nuts, avocado, olive oil and dark chocolate to fight belly fat. According to Liz Vaccariello, the best fats to eat are MUFAs (mono-unsaturated fatty acids). They should be served at every meal or snack.

Belly Rehab: How to Really Eliminate Belly Fat

One of the ways is to get calcium at breakfast through yogurts and milk. Dr. Oz says calcium suppresses the hormone that causes the belly fat to develop in the first place. The doctor offers his own solution to fight belly fat, called Belly Rehab.

3 Foods To lose Belly Fat And Increase Metabolism:

Calcium (Add 1 cup of calcium in the morning)

There are three foods that can help you and calcium is present as an ingredient of these foods. As people get older, belly fat starts to develop as a consequences of hormonal changes and unhealthy eating. During breakfast, you could get some milk and yogurt instead of getting everything you get your hands on that contains sugars.

Red Vitamin C (1/2 Grapefruit before every meal)

Another belly fat fighting tool is what Dr. Oz calls the “red vitamin C”: red ruby grapefruit. By eating half a grapefruit before every meal, you can lose about an inch of your waist in six weeks. One of the reasons is that grapefruit suppresses the stress hormones. (you can add salt to the grapefruit for a sweet taste).

Pistachios (Eat one ounce every day)

Pistachios allows the fat to relax and simply go away. You will need to eat an ounce of pistachios each day, which is about one hundred and fifty calories. Learn how Pistachios can help you lose weight!

As a conclusion, all you need is the right breakfast with calcium, vitamin C before every meal and consuming pistachios instead of potato chips.

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