Dr. Oz: How To Save Your Own Life If You Were Choking?

Dr. Oz: 30 Seconds To Save Your Own Life!

“If you are home alone and choking, what you gonna do?” Dr Oz started off with a most alarming question and informs that “you have thirty seconds to save yourself”. No matter how scary it sounds, that is the most realistic situation and most of us don’t know what to do in those thirty seconds or how to save our life using those thirty seconds. People are prone to go into fits of panic and are not in a position to undertake action that can be life-saving. This show was designed to provide valuable information on how people can use simple techniques to save themselves from choking while they are alone at home.

First, to show us what most of us will do in this situation, Dr. Oz invited some guests, all of them women, in to a RV locked from outside and asked them to perform activities that they would do if faced with a choking emergency like this. The vehicle resembled home from inside and contained some stuff inside that might be useful to use in case of a choking emergency. He then starts his timer and the guests were asked to do something as if they are choking , in an emergency and has to save their own lives in thirty seconds. As the viewers noticed, most of the women did something very silly or dangerous. One of the guests revealed, she really did not have any clue as to what is to be done. Some of them picked up the phone but never used it. Also, many of them tried to drink water which could be dangerous in case of choking. Dr Oz warned, trying to put something in our throat can be dangerous too.

With he help of a diagram he explained that food or particulate matter get stuck in the area of the throat where the windpipe meets the food pipe and gets lodged there temporarily causing blockade to breathing. Any effort to dislodge that by mechanical means or by inserting anything into he throat can be dangerous.

Here is What Dr. Oz recommends everyone to do:

1) One needs to keep the phone handy and needs to dial 911 and drop the phone. The 911 emergency response system can locate the phone and come for help.

Heimlich Maneuver

2) While help is on the way, we can do something called the ‘Heimlich maneuver‘. We can stand with the back of a chair in front of us and place the back edge approximately midway between our belly button and rib bone and exhale forcefully while pressing the chair into our stomach. Repeating this several time forcefully can dislodge the food from the windpipe and it can come out.

Heimlich maneuver

If we cannot find a chair nearby, here is the recommendation. With our left hand we should make a fist and with our right hand we should punch at the same place and do the same exercise. For left handers it should be the opposite. This should be easy to remember and practise and execute in thirty seconds while help is on the way.

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