Hyper Wear Sandbells Review

The Hyper Wear Sandbells

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The Hyper Wear Sandbells SandBell is a soft and efficient neoprene bag filled up with versatile sand. It is a safe free weight that can be used as a much more challenging alternative to dumbbells, kettlebells and medicine balls. It’s also can be safely shed and grabbed or slammed to the ground allowing for new different creative workouts. Sandbells provides a grip muscular strength and stabilizing challenge due to the shifting fill material.

SandBells have been proved to be safe for any kind of floors, they can be used at health and fitness clubs, Gyms, physical education sessions or at home, besides that the manufacturer states that they’re suitable for the active aging people dut to their safety and their benefits to hands strength. Sandbells are becoming more popular for home use by customers because they don’t leak sand, are safe almost on any floor, and can be properly stacked. The SandBells are available in several weights, from 2 lbs upto 50 lbs

Hyper Wear Sandbells Review:

I used to put on the weighted-vest by Hyperwear which I really like thus i decided I would try out the SandBells. I begun with the 10 lbs SandBell because that was my dumbbell weight, i will buy the 20 and 40 lbs to push my workout a bit forward.

I can say that one of the best things about the SandBell is that it not only works on the target muscles but on the grip muscle too. what i mean by Target muscles are the muscles you are working on, if you’re doing bicep curls, the target muscle in this case is the biceps. While using SandBell if you’re working your biceps you will also get the benefit of working your grip which works the forearm. I’ve tried the SteelBell which has the same neoprene cover of Sandbells but filled with steelshot instead. The concept is the same, however the key is that SteelBell is much smaller in size for the exact same weight as a result of the difference in the weight of the sand vs. the steelshot.

I must admit that using the SandBells is like playing it isn’t like exercising at all. You will feel that you are out on the playground which generally was a major push for me as I’m not real big exerciser. When you start out playing with sandbells, your imagination will go wild with things you can do with it. I found myself slamming it on to the floor and throwing it up in the air and tossing it over the room. Mainly because of how it’s made, it will not hurt you or cause any damage to the floor or the home furniture. The SandBell is also perfect for partner training and it’s much better than dumbbells or kettle bells for throwing and tossing.

Sandbells Vs. Dumbells

Sandbells are a great choice a cross between a sandbag and a dumbbell, there are many ways and ideas to use sandbells, the smaller size are perfect for the grip work, the video below will show you different ways and let you explore the grip training with the SandBells:

As you can see the SandBells can increase grip component in a number of exercises by giving a shifting weight with a more challenging target to grip, these exercises can actually replace your regular dumbbell work and can also take the place of  kettlebell and medicine ball work too.

The Hyper Wear Sandbells

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