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Dr. Oz: The Role of Hormones In Our Bodies

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Hormones control almost every aspect of how your body functions. On the show with Dr. Oz was best-selling author, Dr. Natasha Turner (“The Hormone Diet“). Most people think of hormones triggering mood swings or making pregnant women temperamental, so Dr. Oz asked Dr. Turner how she would describe the role that hormones have in our bodies.

It is incredibly important to have proper hormonal balance within your body. Hormones control things like appetite, mood, memory, sleep patterns, cravings, and even where your body stores fat. When everything is balanced, the body is happy and healthy. However, as you add chemicals, and other outside factors like poor sleep, inflammatory foods, and stress, the hormone balance fails and your body is at risk.

What is Your Hormone Type?

According to Dr. Turner, there are three main hormones types: hungry, moody, and sluggish. Dr Turner has made a one-sheet quiz, that is available on the Dr. Oz website, so that people can identify what hormone type they are. For the sake of efficiency, the criteria and recommended remedies are listed below. If a person has or feels at least three of the “symptoms” in a category, it is their dominant hormone type.

Hungry Hormone Type

People with this hormone type feel burned out and stressed. They feel an increased appetite, and they have disturbed sleep. They also suffer from bloating and acne. Fat is mostly held on the belly and back, and love handles develop. These individuals have an imbalance of cortisol and insulin. High levels stimulate cravings and cause a person to always feel hungry. The insulin tells the body to store energy as fat, and dictates where the fat is stored. To regain balance, insulin and cortisol levels must be restored. Dr. Turner recommends the use of Holy Basil, either in Asian cooking, or as a supplement or tea. This will lower cortisol levels, as well as help get hunger under control, improve blood sugar, and help with the belly fat. Skipping meals, cutting calories, and over-exercising are the wrong options for this type.

Moody Hormone Type

This hormone type causes a person to feel tense, irritable, and depressed. They tend to have headaches, body pain, and trouble concentrating. They tend to have fat spread over their bodies. These individuals have an imbalance of the “happy” hormones; namely, serotonin and dopamine. These hormones control concentration, mood, self-esteem, and focus. They not only help make decisions, but they also help a person stick to a diet. People with this hormone type tend to “fall off the wagon” and so have fat all over. In order to avoid depression and anxiety, levels of dopamine and serotonin must be restored. Dr. Turner not only recommends the use of the supplement Rhodiola, she uses it herself, on a daily basis. She suggests taking 200mg in the morning, for six weeks, to improve the dopamine and serotonin levels in the brain. This should improve focus, attention, motivation and lower stress.

Sluggish Hormone Type

If you feel unmotivated, lethargic, and sluggish, this could be your hormone type. This hormone type also suffers from thin/dry skin, wrinkles, and trouble falling asleep. They have fat on the belly, arms, and above the knees. These individuals lack the hormones that help to repair and restore the body, and slow aging, like DHEA (a growth hormone) and Melatonin. This impacts the ability fall asleep and stay asleep. It affects drive, motivation, metabolism, how much energy and muscle a person has, and even inflammation. Besides getting sleep, Dr. Turner recommends the DHEA supplment, 7-Keto DHEA. The supplement is anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and anti-stress. It also helps with drive and motivation. Taking 50-100mg in the morning will aid metabolism for the rest of the day. Dr. Oz pointed out that pure DHEA isn’t safe to take without having hormone levels tested, so it is good to take the supplement instead. Dr. Turner also explained that sex raises DHEA levels, and that not having sex actually causes an imbalance.

Hormones do not function in isolation, so it is expected that they will cross-over in the category types. Finding the type that most accurately describes you is the best way to determine your dominant hormone type, and the steps to fix it.

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