Dr. Oz: Looking Before You Flush Could Save Your Life!

Dr. Oz: Warning Signs in Your Toilet

dr. oz warning signs in your toilet- Is your Peep and Poop Normal?

One of Dr. Oz’s favorite things is poop. He believes that poop provides the opportunity to do a self exam every single day, that could potentially save your life. There are many diseases that can be diagnosed from checking your poop before you flush, like stomach cancer, diabetes, kidney disease, Crohn’s disease, and gallbladder disease.

All audience members of the Dr. Oz show were asked to bring in a photo of their stool, and Dr. Oz went over some important aspects for them to look for. The two most important factors with poop are shape and shade. These two things will help you to know what is happening within your body.

When we eat something, and food first moves into the small intestines, it has no real form to it and is quite watery and liquid. As it moves up into the large intestine, it starts to more resemble poop in shape and shade. As it works its way down, it eventually stops and starts to build up. This building up is what creates the “S-shape” that Dr. Oz always talks about, and it’s a mold of the rectum. It also shows that everything is working correctly in the body.


There are seven shapes and sizes that doctors look for in regards to poop; called the poop scale. There are three basic shapes on this scale, from one end to the other. The hard, pellet-like poop is at one end of the scale, the long, smooth poop is the middle of the scale, and the liquid, unformed poop is at the opposite end of the scale. The pellet/marble poop is a sign of constipation, and when it hits the water, sounds like lots of little splashes. The smooth shape is ideal, and when it hits the water, barely disturbs it. The liquid poop is an indicator that your body isn’t absorbing everything it should, and splashes loudly when hitting the water.


There are six general shades that poop can be: brown, red, green, yellowish-white, white, and black. Brown poop is normal. Red poop means that you have a GI-based bleed in the lower intestine, and can be indicative of diverticulosis or cancer. Green poop is a sign of Crohn’s disease, and that your body isn’t absorbing everything from your food properly. Yellowish-white poop looks like clay, and is a sign of gallbladder disease. White poop is a bad sign, and means that the pancreas isn’t working properly — this could be due to pancreatic cancer or pancreatitis. Black poop isn’t necessarily something to panic about, but it is good to be watchful of this shade. Iron in the diet can lead to this shade, but it can also be indicative of a GI-based bleed in the upper intestine.

Holding It In

Holding your poop in is bad for your body. The goal is to get the poop out, because of all the toxins it holds, so keeping it in your body is not healthy. Holding it in also desensitizes your bowels and over time can lead to nerve damage. It can also lead to out-pouches, where poop can get stuck, and this can actually become deadly.

Pushing Too Hard

If you really have to push to get poop out, then this could be another clue that there is something wrong with your body. It shouldn’t be that hard to get poop out, and forcing it out can become problematic. The intestinal lining at the bottom of your system (the anus and rectum) is very fragile. It is a lot like your lips, and can tear and crack easily. Once this lining has been torn, it can cause problems like anal fissures and hemorrhoids. At times, these tears can become badly infected. Dr. Oz recommends drinking prune juice to loosen things up, as it has a natural laxative effect.

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  1. dr oz please bare with me,i am incompetant typing. watched show to day about bowel movements.i had a stroke several years ago and have had problems,such as no bowel movements for up to six days.to solve this problems drs have asked me to drink various liquids that seem to disagree with me.would love to hear your thoughts and maybe a better solution.thank you, bill kilgore

  2. I eat apples, oranges, bananas, walnuts, flatbread WW, and many other types of food that has fiber. Yet I still have problems with constipation. I drink flavored water, green tea, and regular water which when combined will add up to 60 to 70 oz. a day. What can I add to my diet in order to stay regular?

  3. I am 15 years old and struggle to poop on occasions Also the past week I have been pooping little droplets as you where saying at the top of the page… It feels like there is more to come but it won’t come out… Sometime I’ll sit there and try to let it come out naturally but it doesn’t work every time… Any suggestions

  4. Is there like a Colen clenzer or detox to clean my system out

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