Mike Karpenko’s Tapout XT Plan (6 Days to Reshape Your Body)

Mike Karpenko’s Tapout XT 90-day Workout Plan

As shown on Dr. oz show (aired January 24, 2013)

Tapout xt workout plan by Mike Karpenko

Dr. Oz has met with Mike Karpenko (the creator of the Tapout XT weight loss program), Mike shows how simple it is for anyone looking to lose weight to follow his Tapout XT program and get more healthy body within a 90 days scheduled plan.

Who is Mike Karpenko?

Mike is a mixed martial arts champ, who is know teaching thousands of women how they can reshape their bodies and lose weight, his program has shown women how to use martial arts to get unbelievable fast results.

Karpenko has changed the way you workout at home, along with a food plan that can blast your unwanted fats faster than before. Tapout XT has over 300 of entire workout exercises so you won’t get bored, it combines cardio, strenght and core exercises with power punches and kicks that get you more motivated.

Is Tapout XT program for Men & Women?

Mike states that his Tapout XT plan is for everyone that wants a brand new body fast. It’s for the guy who would like to get 6-pack abs muscles or the woman who wants to eliminate her excess weight to look much more healthy and younger, based on what Mike has said, you need to just follow three rules to become successful with his Tapout XT Plan.

Tapout XT Plan: The 6-Days At a Time

Mike Karpenko’s Tapout XT Work Out Program is a 90-day program, however he stated that those 90 days could be overwhelming for lots of people so his rule of thumb is to apply his workout and nutrition plan for only six days at a time and rest on the 7th day. Mike recommends that you use a calendar and mark out (X) the days along the way, to help you observe your progress with his system.

Mike Karpenko’s -At Night- Recovery with Protein Snack

Mike Karpenko stated that if you’re doing excessive training similar to his Tapout XT program, you’ll need to give yourself time to rest and recover. He said that the simplest way to achieve that is by eating a protein-haigh snack 2 hours before going to bed at night. Mike enjoys eating boiled-eggs, however, if you want something crunchier, he said pumpkin seeds are usually a great choice.

Weight loss Results Expected from Tapout XT Plan!

Mike Karpenko declared that the weight loss results can vary for people who follow his Tapout XT plan, however as long as you’re doing your best in each exercise, you’ll most likely start to reshape your body and see good results.

Mike said that his workouts can burn 1,200 calories, he has shared some of his exercises and moves with Dr. Oz and his audience. Some of these moves are called:  Prisoner Squats, the Organ Donor, Dirty Boxing, and the Killer Move. Mike said that these oves are very challenging in order to provide you with the best results, but they’re all can be changed based on your ability level.

Dr. Oz introduced a couple of women to his audience who’ve been using the Tapout XT plan, and they had a great results as shown in the photos below:
tapout xt results on dr oz showtapout xt results on doctor oz show
Both of them started using the Tapout XT plan while they were over weighted, although they were fully committed to start losing weight and getting healthy, which is exactly what they both did with the Mike’s Tapout XT program.

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