Mold Poisoning Symptoms, Detection and Treatment?!

Dr. Oz: Protect Your Family From Mold Poisoning!

Stealth invasion is their modus operandi. They are silent, invisible, and deadly. You can’t smell it, you can’t touch it, but if it’s in your house, it can be a big hazard to your family’s health. It is mold poisoning.

How Mold Can Affect Your Health?

mold poisoning symptoms and treatmentDr. Oz welcomes two guests in the show who were victims of these deadly little creatures. Twenty years ago, Jill and her daughter moved in to their beautiful New Jersey home. Jill just got pregnant with Katelyn. Not long after, both of them suffered from unexplained health problems.

It started with having sinus problems. She had two sinus surgeries while living in that house. But it was much worst for her daughter. Katelyn was very sick always. Her fevers were at 105. She had unexplained illnesses, she would vomit profusely for days, and they couldn’t figure out why. And then Jill’s son was born a couple years later, and he too had problems. He needed nebulizer just to breathe well. Katelyn remembers her pain as a child when her favorite stuffed toys were taken away because they thought the toys were the problem. The doctors did not have a clue either. They said it was this flu or that, but Katelyn was consistently sick. They tested her for cystic fibrosis to different cancers. All her blood work was done. Those were serious diagnosis. For a very long time Katelyn did not gain weight which scared Jill. She searched diligently for five years to understand what really was going on.

She found out that it was molds. There was mold in the house. They found it in the basement, in the crawl space and it was up the walls in the kids’ playroom. Once they found out, they literally left the house that same day with only their shirts on their back. They lived with Jill’s parents for a year and six months. They had their house built, and this time, it is brand new and no molds. When they left their house of molds, the symptoms they were having were gone. Katelyn gained nine pounds in the first ten months since they left the house.

How To Detect Moisture That Causes Mold In Home?

Danielle currently has unexplained health problems and she welcomed Dr. Oz to take a peek of the rooms in her house. Also, a mold inspector was invited to do tests in her rooms. Mold inspectors normally detect moisture that causes mold in the home. And in Danielle’s home, the inspector found moist and damp areas that resulted from pipe leakage.

Danielle reveals that she has been having ear, nose and throat problems. She had pneumonia and neurological problems. She has been to numerous doctors and they haven’t found anything and she is still suffering. Now, she sees he daughter starting to suffer. Dr. Oz explains to the audience that if Danielle has been having chronic problems with no explanation and no certain cause, then mold ought to be in the radar.

Ron and Lisa Beres, Healthy Home experts share the results from the mold tests completed in the Feeney family’s home. Lisa explains that in the basement of their home, the inspector found high levels of two of the most common molds that are found in homes. These are cladasporium and aspergillus. These can cause hay fever-like symptoms like what Danielle are experiencing, as well as asthma to those who are allergic. In the attic, two molds were found as well. There is penicillium, which is another common household mold, and this can be highly allergenic. The other is stachybotrys mold. This has the potential to be extremely toxic because of the micro-toxins that it produces. This could be linked to sick-building syndrome, bleeding, and internal damage of the organs. It’s dormant right now but it’s a potential health hazard if it should become airborne.

Lisa points out that all of these spores can actually become airborne and can circulate around the home through the vent system and this is a concern. People hear of it as a black toxic mold, and this is what the Healthy Home experts are dealing with in a high level at the Feeney home.

Why Water Sources May Cause Mold Poisoning?

Ron now discusses how mold develops. He is saying that our homes are the perfect environment for molds to grow. There’s oxygen, there is optimal temperature, and there is the building materials in our home. The only thing missing is the water source. So, it is highly suspect that ever since the big leak in the Feeney home started, that is also when the molds started to grow.

Dr. Oz turns to Danielle’s husband and asked his thoughts about the findings. He made a public apology to Danielle for not believing her and for thinking that she was completely off-base. This is so because there really were no concrete and certain explanation to the mold factor. But then he admits that he is relieved to know that this could be the cause of his wife and his daughter’s health problems. To him, it is a relief to know what is going on, than not knowing.

Dr. Oz: Mold Poisoning Treatment

How To Protect Your Family From Mold Poisoning?

Dr. Oz wants to make sure that mold is not part of the problems that families are facing in life. So, he asks Healthy Home Experts Ron and Lisa to illustrate what people can do today in their homes to avoid molds from growing.

Lisa and Ron gave the following steps:

  • First and foremost, if there is a water leak in the home, fix it ASAP. It’s because in 24 to 48 hours, mold is going to grow and you want to make sure to act on it before they are finished.
  • DO NOT have carpet on your basement or bathrooms because literally it is an ideal food source for molds.
  • When you take your shower, make sure you ventilate your bathroom. Do the same in your kitchen. Keep the window open and exhaust fan on to reduce that moisture in your home.
  • Use an air conditioner or dehumidifier in your home and this will keep the humidity levels low, which is what you really want. If you have a basement, out a dehumidifier there because this is a common spot for molds to grow and this helps reduce that moisture.
  • Change the furnace filter in your HVAC system. You need to change that every three months. A good rule of thumb is to do that once every season because this removes 90% of airborne spores that pass through it. Your furnace filter captures them. So it’s very important to have regular replacement.
  • If you have visible signs of mold, in a small area of 10 foot square or less, you can clean it yourself with 3% Hydrogen Peroxyde or detergent and water. It is recommended to wear gloves and a mask because you don’t want to get exposed to these molds as you clean. You just spray the detergent or the Peroxyde on the mold. Let it sit for 10 minutes and scrub the mold away. Now, if you have a large area of contamination like the Feeney family had in their attic, you definitely want to hire a professional mold cleaner.
  • If you’re having symptoms and, you are feeling sick but don’t know what it is, yet you don’t see visible molds, you can get a DIY Mold test kit. The mold test kit is affordable and reliable. They are only about 45 dollars, and they test a hundred different kinds of mold. You can get your test results back from an accredited laboratory near you.

To save your family from mold poisoning, proactive measure is key. Get rid of molds before they start their stealth invasion.

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