Montel William’s Secret To Conquer Your Emotional Eating

montel williams secret struggleOn this episode of the Dr. Oz show famous talk show host and public speaker, Montel Williams, reveals how he had suffered from having a poor body image during the young adult stages of his life. Dr. Oz had Williams on his program in order to reveal to people that they can overcome problems such as binge eating and poor self esteem by taking control of their lives.

Williams starts off the program by revealing how doctors performed an unnecessary and incorrect surgery on his body while he was in his late teens. Doctors had misdiagnosed Williams and performed an operation on him for breast cancer; when in fact he had a torn peck muscle. After surgeons and doctors had removed large portions of his chest area, he could no longer take his shirt off out in public for over ten years.

Williams felt ashamed of the scars that were left behind from the surgery and he though his chest area looked deformed and mutated. During that ten year time period he continued to box and to do other things with his life but he just did not expose his body out in public and the situation also affected his private life. This secret was carried around for many years by Montell and he had decided to reveal it to people on this particular episode of the Dr. Oz show. Dr. Oz had wanted to use Williams story as inspiration to his fans and viewers in order to let them know that they have the power to make changes in their life if they chose to take action.

One of the negative effects of William’s situation was that he began to overeat. As a result of his actions he started to gain some unhealthy weight and developed an unhealthy lifestyle. Dr. Oz goes on to explain that most people often overeat because they are bored, angry or are stressed. The emotion of sadness is also a big trigger for many people to eat. He then offers his viewers, food based remedies that were created by Montel for these specific emotional problems.

Williams recommends taking koala extract to help relieve the feelings associated with boredom. For emotions involving anger he recommends the use of protein through hemp seeds and chia seeds. He also advocates a unique smoothie for relieving stress. This smoothie is called a chill chocolate gojiberry blast and it consists of raw chocolate, goji berries and coconut water. Dr. Oz recommends Williams Happy Hunger Chews which affects the serotonin levels within a person body in order to change their mood. Williams then also gives people some other important information about the importance of exercise and limiting sugar and salt intake.

Williams then gives people practical and effective exercises for eliminating extra pounds. All of the exercises that he recommends can be performed inside of a person’s home. He shows people how to perform dips in chairs in order to reduce extra fat on their arms. Williams then explains how to perform an exercise called the kettle bell which is used to eliminate back fat. This particular exercise is performed like a squat with the legs that requires people to raise their arms during the process. He then shows people how to perform the plank maneuver which is an exercise that is performed on the ground in a prone position. Williams then also gives people some bonus tips and other important information about the importance of exercise and monitoring their diet.

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