Dr. Oz Show: Mrs. Michelle Obama’s Jump Rope Routine

Dr. Oz show - First lady Mrs. Obama Jumps Rope Routine

The First Lady Mrs. Michelle Obama was seen recently on the Dr. Oz show on sept. 12, talking about healthy and balanced eating and described excess weight and all its related health problems as a national health crisis,  she said that and fighting childhood obesity should be started at-home. She explained on how she did with her own kids for exercise routine that includes turning up the radio, hitting her Dougie and ended up challenging Dr. Oz to a jump-rope competition.

Mrs. Michelle Obama has revealed her health and fitness secret” The jump ropes” !. She showed Dr. Oz her jump-rope routine which is her best way to get in-shape.  She started by doing series of jumps that she used to do as a part of her Cardio exercises.

Mrs. Obama:” Ofcourse not everybody is a good jump-roper, but it is something that you can learn how to do. Any body can jump ropes and take practice”

Mrs. Obama:”I take a jump-rope and there is a series of exercises i do in my Hotel room that can get you the Cardio in there. It’s kinda fun and you can challenge your kids with it.”

Mrs. Obama:”I usually do these jump-rope exercises for 2 minutes with a 30 seconds break”.

Exercise no.1:

You can first start by doing regular jumps, then you can double step jumps, you do this for a  few minutes or you can count your steps, it depends on what you prefer doing, then you stop and take a break for 30 seconds before starting the next excersise.

Exercise no.2:

It’s the high-knees exercise, do a regular jumps while trying to keep your knees high, do that for 2 minutes interval.

Exercise no.3:

The Legs-cross jumps exercise, do a regular jumps and try to move your legs in a crossed shape while doing the jumps.

Exercise no.4:

The forward and Backward, do a regular jumps while moving your body forwards and backwards, then take a break for 30 seconds before doing the next exercise.

Exercise no.5:

Side to side Jumps exercise, by keeping your two legs move as a one part and move them right and left while performing your jumps.

Exercise no.6:

The doubles jump exercise, do a regular jumps but this time try to perform a doubles with your jump rope for more advanced exercises.

You can watch Dr. Oz’s interview with Mrs. Obama here.

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