Dr. Oz: Natural Remedies For High blood pressure, Stress, Anxiety, Nausea & More!

Dr Oz: Natural Remedies that Doctors Trust and Recommend

dr.oz natural remediesCoQ10 For High Blood Pressure

How Can CoQ10 Lower Blood Pressure? One of the main causes of heart diseases is high blood pressure, also known as hypertension. Most doctors prescribe various drugs to patients with high blood pressure. But, the problem in this case is that there are serious side effects involved in the use of these drugs. There is an alternative and it is based on an enzyme that exists naturally in the body of every individual: Coenzyme Q10. This enzyme has been used by doctors already for treating other conditions, such as elevated cholesterol, angina and heart failure. Later, it has been discovered that the enzyme is also efficient in the treatment of hypertension.

CoQ10 can be found in the heart, kidneys, pancreas and liver. Researchers have found a way to extract this ingredient from beet, yeast and sugarcane. According to studies, the enzyme is very helpful for lowering blood pressure. People can combine the regular medication with the use of this ingredient and they can gradually take less medication until the drugs are completely replaced by CoQ10. When the blood pressure is high, blood vessels tend to constrict, narrowing the space through which the blood travels. The enzyme is able to relax the blood vessels, enlarging them in this way.

If you have more space, blood can travel easier and the pressure is reduced. Dr. Mao has been invited to Dr Oz’s show to explain how the treatment works. People can take CoQ10 in the form of a supplement and Dr. Mao says they will see results in three months, but sometimes it will be just one month. There are no side effects. However, people with low blood pressure and those who are on blood thinners should not take the supplement. A dose of 200 mg has to be taken at bedtime and you should consult with your doctor before use.

Valerian: A Natural Ingredient for Treating Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are major mental conditions of this modern world and psychiatrists recommend their patients medication like Xanax, Lexapro, Valium, Prozac, or Paxil. These solutions have a dark side, as they can change the chemistry of the brain in a negative way, create addiction and can have serious side effects. About forty million Americans are suffering from anxiety. This condition can be cured naturally with a root that has already been used for almost two thousand years to facilitate sleep: valerian. This root works for the brain just like the medicine mentioned above and calms anxiety by increasing a chemical in the brain called gaba.

Dr. Mao says that valerian root has been used a lot in the past in Asia for sleeping problems, nervousness and anxiety. It can be found in the form of tea or ginger extracts. Doctors call this root “the natural Valium”. The only people who shouldn’t use the root are those who feel tired all the time. Dr. Oz recommends one cup of valerian root tea before you go to bed. This will calm you down if you are stressed, irritated and nervous.

Electroacupuncture for Treating Pain, Nausea and Stress

After four decades of acupuncture use in the United States, it was finally declared an alternative treatment. Today, electroacupuncture is taking it to a new level, being able to treat pain, nausea and stress. The time required for treatment is two times shorter, it is painless and it can performed even without needles. According to studies, adding electricity to acupuncture can lead to improved results, says Dr. Mao. In one of the episodes of Dr. Oz show, electrodes are added to needles in an experiment made on a woman who suffers from nausea in the morning.

In case of nausea, the brain gets a signal from the stomach that throwing up is imminent. Acupuncture is used on the wrist of the patient to block the signal from reaching the brain through the nerves. The nerves calm down, helping the patient get rid of nausea. For certain types of pains and nausea, the effects are immediate. Dr. Mao recommends eight to ten treatments. The procedure is safe, but for people who are wearing pacemakers, regular acupuncture must be used. The recommendation of Dr. Oz is a 30 minutes treatment with a licensed therapist.

Comfort Foods that Help People Burn Fat

How to Burn fat with Sweet Potato Casserole and Spicy Turkey Chilli?

Two dishes are presented in this episode. Spicy Turkey Chilli which is based on ground turkey, fresh tomatoes (you can also used canned tomatoes) and the most important ingredient, which is spicy chilli. This food is easy to make and can be frozen if you are busy. The secret ingredient is the chilly, which actually burns the fat. Bean can also be added, because it makes you feel full a lot longer. Other similar ingredients can also be used, according to personal preferences.

The second dish presented in the show is the sweet potato casserole. Maple syrup has been used as a sugar replacement. Another ingredient used is cinnamon. Sweet potatoes and cinnamon work together for regulating the blood sugar. This dish tastes like it would have butter in it, but it doesn’t. The conclusion is there are smart foods that look and taste very good and they can burn fat at the same time.

Hot Chocolate With Low Caloric Content

There is a way to make hot chocolate that helps you burn fat. The ingredient responsible for burning fat is the unsweetened cocoa powder, but you have to use it in combination with something that doesn’t deposit in your body as fat. Other ingredients are almond milk and just a little bit of sugar. What is great about this sweet drink is that you can enjoy the sweetness of the cream on top with less than fifty calories. Also, the hormone named cortisol is reduced, which is good for people who are stressed out. You can also benefit from the antioxidants from cocoa.

Spice-Rubbed Ribs Recipe by Dr. Oz

Dr. Oz presents one of his recipes of beef ribs that have a spicy rub instead of the usual sugary barbeque sauce. The spicy rub that he uses has ingredients like garlic, cumin and others. There are no sugars and this is what makes such dishes so healthy. If you use sugars a lot, they will encourage fat accumulation instead of burning it. The fat burning combination is the one that involves proteins and spices. You can indulge yourself and enjoy life without paying the price of becoming fatter.

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