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Dr. Oz: How To End Food Cravings & Control Your Appetite To Lose Weight?!

dr. oz Food-Cravings

One of the main reasons we fail our weight loss goals is because we give in to our cravings. Craving is different from normal hunger in that it represents an insatiable desire for a specific kind of taste or food. More often than not, cravings are noted for sweet foods or fried, high fat containing foods, carbohydrates and salty foods. …

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Video: Dr. Oz’s 7-Minute Morning Workout – with Joel Harper

You can start everyday morning with this 7-minute workout to feel more fit, healthy and in a good form. Joel Harper (Dr. Oz’s personal trainer and author of Joel Harper’s Firming After 50) and dr. Oz demonstrates how you can do this effective workout to feel more energized and tension-free. Joel Harper is a celebrity personal trainer who has been …

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